Hourglass vs Instant Knockout – Best Fat Burner For Women?


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Hourglass vs Instant Knockout: Which Is The Best Fat Burner For Women?

We’re on a mission to find the best fat burner for women. So today we have decided to look a bit deeper into Hourglass vs Instant Knockout – which is the best fat burner for women?

This brings together two of our highest ranking fat burners to see which is best suited to a female user.

Because some of the fat burners aimed at male athletes aren’t tailored toward a female market, they can be a little heavy on the stimulants.

That’s bad news for any woman in the gym who doesn’t want to suffer from jitters and the like.

Still, you want a balance and for your body to be burning fat, even when you rest.

What is it that we are after though? To put it simply we want a product that can do all this:

  • Burn Fat Effectively
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Increase Energy
  • Not have too many stimulants

The only way to achieve this is by finding the best female fat burner, and we have two great products to look at today.

They are both the brainchild of UK based companies, so let’s start by finding out a little more about them.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Propurapropura Hourglass review

The UK based company behind Hourglass are Propura.

They are the company behind the excellent testosterone booster Prime Male. The endorsements of this are impressive with Dolph Lundgren being one of them along with loads of great testimonials.

They ensure that this product ships directly from the UK and USA so delivery is quick the world over.

They have many years of industry knowledge and make all their products in GMP regulated facilities.

Roar AmbitionRoar Ambition

The guys who manufacture Instant Knockout know a thing or two about how to make a great supplement.

Testimonials aren’t everything, but given the amount of before and after profiles, you see from people who are willing to post their experiences online – you have to give them a lot of credit.

They are also the people behind Boss Workouts. If you haven’t looked into these 12-week online fitness programs then you are missing out on some life-changing routines. The extras alone are worth paying for!

That’s one of the good things about Roar Ambition, they like to deliver value. Whether it’s their workout program, or in their dosages. Too many companies hold back and just admire the name of the ingredient on the label instead of giving you a proper dosage.

They also have a 90-day money back guarantee which is one of the most generous we have seen. A lot of companies don’t have one at all. It’s just good to know your purchase is risk-free.

If you are into endorsements then they are big on those too. For Instant Knockout, they have UFC fighter Diego Sanchez promoting the brand, an impressive name.

If Hourglass vs Instant Knockout was only about the companies behind them, it would be a close call.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout Ingredients

Ok so now we can take a look at what goes into each of these fat burners.

Since we’re looking for the best female fat burner today, the most potent isn’t exactly the best.

No Proprietary Blends
Neither Hourglass or Instant Knockout use proprietary blends so all their ingredients and their dosages are stated – great news!

A proprietary blend or ingredients matrix is a fancy sounding name for when a company bunches a load of ingredients into one blend, only giving the overall dosage so they don’t have to disclose exact amounts of the more important ingredients. This means they could be selling you short and not including effective dosages.

Worse, still this can be dangerous as you really need to know the dosages to ensure they are including safe amounts. Thankfully Hourglass and Instant Knockout have got this right.

The suggested servings are also what we would call optimal. They both advise taking one capsule, 3-4 times a day.

This means your body will be burning fat all day long.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout: Mutual Ingredients

Vitamin B6

A very good start from both here this is a favorite for fat burning here at CLM.

Any ingredient that can get your body burning calories and convert them into glucose to use for energy is fine by us.

If you are like many other people in that you wish to use a female fat burner to compliment an exercise routine you will appreciate the fact that it helps your muscles to be far more efficient during a workout.

Not only will it help you to burn fat, but it will help you to get the most out of exercise. This, as well as targeting carbs, means your body will be getting rid of them at the same time.

It is even good for protein metabolism so if you are looking to burn fat and get toned, B6 is definitely an ingredient you want to get into your system.

The 4 mg in Hourglass is a good amount that will really get to work. There’s not a lot of difference between this and the 5 mg in Instant Knockout.

Vitamin B12

We like this ingredient and in particular the way it suits a female fat burner.

It’s good because it stops your body from actually storing fat. There are plenty of ingredients here that actually burn the fat you do have, but this works in the other way.

You will find that when you supplement this ingredient, the amount of energy you get from your food sources increases. This is particularly beneficial for anyone looking to use a fat burner during a diet that means they can’t take on as many calories as usual.

Since B12 can’t be produced by the body, using a supplement is important. This is, even more, the case for Vegans and even Vegetarians since food sources for B12 include mainly meats, dairy produce, and fish.

At 10 mcg, both have given of this is all you need to really get the benefits.


Another great ingredient, these products are full of the best going.

If your fat burner does not include appetite suppressants, then it is doing something wrong. Thankfully both of these have included this dietary fiber.

It swells in your stomach and absorbs water. This makes you feel full and in turn, less inclined to reach for the snacks in between meals. This will keep your weight loss plans on track.

For such an important ingredient comes a great dosage from both but it is the 1,500 mg in Hourglass that will really work wonders for you.

Green Tea Extract

One of those ingredients you should always look out for.

You might already drink a lot of Green Tea and not realize just how effective it can be for fat burning. It is the first thermogenic ingredient we are taking a look at today but this means it heats your body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down again.

It doesn’t end there though. It even helps your endurance levels meaning you can train for even longer, and burn more calories along the way.

Of course, the general health benefits include organ health and much more.

The 500 mg in both products reflects their commitment to delivering good dosages once more.


We have two different forms of Chilli Peppers here, Hourglass have Capsicum and Instant Knockout have gone with Cayenne Powder. Both are going to do similar things.

This is a great way of getting the health benefits they offer, without having to endure the spice.

It’s another thermogenic, the more of these the better – they get you burning fat even when resting so why not get more if you can!

It is also another appetite suppressant. Every good fat burner has more than one so this is good to see from both products.

Once again both products have gone with a good dosage in the 100 mg in each.


This trace element is another useful addition to any fat burner.

It helps your body to regulate blood glucose levels which is good news for how you feel in between meals. If this fluctuates then you are much more likely to feel the need to grab a snack.

Amazingly it is often found in Beer, but also meat and cheese.

The 125 mcg in Hourglass, as well as the 100 mcg in Instant Knockout will give you all you need.


On the surface, you might say that this ingredient is not specifically fat burner.

However, it is a very useful addition to any supplement that has good ingredients, as both of these fat burners clearly do.

This is because it enhances the capabilities of the other ingredients. By bringing out their strengths it makes the overall product more potent, and therefore more effective.

The 5 mg in Hourglass and 10 mg in Instant Knockout will give the good ingredients here a boost.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout: Individual Ingredients


Vitamin D3

Studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D3 when dieting are likely to lose less weight than those who have higher levels during dieting.

It has also been found that lower levels of D3 often mean you are more likely to store fat, rather than burning it off.HourGlass-vs-Instant-Knockout

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women with higher levels of D3 in their diet through supplementing it lost more weight than those who don’t.

The fact that so many people in the Western world are deficient in Vitamin D tells us that supplementing it is vital for many people.

The fact that Vitamin D is essential for your body’s ability to absorb calcium makes it all the more important.


We like this in Hourglass. Instead of going for Coffee Bean Extract and Caffeine, they have gone for a milder approach. This gives a more balanced and milder effect which suits the female body a lot better.

It works in a similar way to Caffeine as it is another ingredient that can suppress appetite. Not only this but it is great for losing weight in another way.

It acts as a diuretic, making you need to urinate more. This, in turn, can stop you from retaining too much water and lose weight.

As it is a stimulant, it still has metabolic capabilities. This will burn calories by increasing your heart rate but with 100 mg it will be a lot softer on your body than the stimulants in Instant Knockout.

The increased energy you get from this ingredient will be very welcome, however, especially if you are taking on fewer calories than usual.

Instant Knockout

Green Coffee Extract

A good inclusion this natural ingredient is just coffee before the color has been roasted.

With zero caffeine content, it is beneficial because of the high amount of chlorogenic acid. This helps your body to break down glucose which in turn gets the thermogenic process going.

Another ingredient that will get you burning fat, no matter what you are doing.It is also another ingredient that will suppress appetite.

It does give you what you need in the sense that cutting down the number of carbs you consume is very important to your fat loss goals. The more you can control this with ingredients like Green Coffee Extract the better.

The 100 mg is a good amount for you to feel the benefits.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is where Instant Knockout really differs from Hourglass, the level of stimulants.

This is fine if you have a higher tolerance to the caffeine and it works for many people. But, when considering a female market, the 350 mg might be on be high side.

Hourglass has the ingredients to still give you an energy boost so you won’t be missing out on the similar benefits from this ingredient.

These include the boost to your metabolism as well as the increase in energy levels. Caffeine Anhydrous is just caffeine with the water extracted, making it faster for your body to absorb.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout Side Effects

The good thing about both of these products is that they use 100% natural ingredients, at sensible yet optimal dosages.

The only thing we would say is that the caffeine content in Instant Knockout might not be as well suited to a female user. The stimulants in Hourglass are milder for a reason.

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout Pros and Cons

Hourglass Pros

  • So many effective ingredients
  • Great dosages
  • Reputable company
  • No side effects
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Used by top athletes
  • No proprietary blends
  • Ships worldwide
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Suppresses hunger

Hourglass Cons

  • Only available online

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Not available in store
  • Shouldn’t take too late in the day because of the caffeine levels

Hourglass vs Instant Knockout Conclusion

Winner: Hourglass

Hourglass Review - Houglass fit

Whilst Instant Knockout is a formidable fat burner, the best we have seen for a male audience there is no hiding from the fact that Hourglass is the better option for some.

A female user will find the reduced stimulants more complimentary but that isn’t all.

The inclusion of Vitamin D3 is a good one that will really aid fat loss as well as the Chromium levels and Glucomannan being dosed higher, giving you more of their benefits.

Both of these products contain great ingredients, the best ingredient profiles we have seen actually. The dosages are all spot on for their intended purposes as well. This Hourglass vs Instant Knockout comparison has been one of the closest we have seen but…

For a female audience, Hourglass is the product you need to burn fat and get into great shape.

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