Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat After Christmas

Festive fat loss guide - How to get rid of belly fat after Christmas

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How to Burn Off the Festive Season Fat and Hit the New Year Running

Burn Fat After Christmas – “New Year, New You”

You’ve been saying that to yourself again, haven’t you?

Well, the fact that you’re reading this is a good sign that this year is actually going to be different.

This time you’re going to make your changes last and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you know why?

Because we’re rooting for you!

We’re here to help you succeed!

We BELIEVE you can achieve your goals. And we’re gonna tell you how…

Burn Fat After Christmas: Festive Fat

tips for festive belly fat loss

So, you went a little overboard on the lead up to Christmas, that’s understandable. There are so many delicious different chocolates and desserts…

It would be rude of you not to at least taste all those gifts your friends and family got you.

And your favorite foods… those trays of mince pies… the meats, the treats are always in your face in the supermarket.

You can forgive yourself for going a little more into excess than usual.

Then Christmas Day itself. Who wouldn’t want to tuck into all the trimmings over dinner before settling down with your favorite bottle of poison and a box of chocolates…

Burn fat after Christmas

Then, there’s boxing day, the leftovers. All completely excusable, t’is the season and all!

What about after then? You’re left with a little more on the sides (and we’re not talking about your plate) than usual. 

NOW is the time with the New Year starting to set your goals and intentions to hit the New Year running in the direction you deserve!

We believe in you!

There’s a lot you can do, starting with changing habits. You are not very likely to reach your goals if you continue to binge as you did over the festive season. Junk food and sugar can be an addiction, so you will want to put that to bed as soon as you can when the holidays have gone.

Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat after Christmas

The first thing to look different when you change your diet is often around the midriff. That leaves a lot of people looking for the best way to get rid of belly fat after Christmas time. If this is you, you’re not alone that’s for sure!

Get Better Rest To Burn Fat After Christmas

That’s right – a good night’s sleep can help you lose weight from various places including your waist.

A lack of sleep can seriously restrict the capability of your metabolism and nervous function. If your nervous system can’t do its job, your work output is lethargic, your quality of exercise is lower and you often eat the wrong foods to try and compensate.

Cook With Healthy Fats

That’s right, some changes are easy to make and our bodies actually benefit from consuming the right fats as these help to burn belly fat.

A good way to burn fat after Christmas, and beyond!

Coconut Oil

The lauric acid which is contained in Coconut Oil is great for your cholesterol as well as burning fat. Good news for your belly fat, but also with so many other health benefits your overall health will be better off.

It also helps to fight off illness, make you less hungry as it makes you feel fuller for longer – always good for stopping you from snacking and eating more than usual.

The hippies were right, after all.

Exercise in between exercise days

That’s right, you might be working to your maximum whilst you are in the gym, but on your days off (although it is important to give your body some much-needed rest) there is a great benefit for your body but just doing a few extra minutes a day.

Get your heart rate going with a quick 5 minute jog, some squats, skipping rope or jumping jacks. Anything to get your pulse going a little faster.

If you have the time – increase this, especially as you go on. Whatever the workout, your whole body will benefit, including your belly fat.

The extra bit of exercise is a good habit to maintain, especially during the holiday period when you want to stay in and spend time with family. Steal ten minutes to yourself to keep up the good habit.

Give your Metabolism A Boost

green tea fat burner, instant knockout, best fat burner supplementSimple changes like drinking some Green Tea to get the thermogenesis going  – this is where your body is heated up and burns fat trying to cool itself down. A great way to Burn Fat After Christmas.

Eating more protein can even boost your metabolism because muscle burns more calories than it does fat, so increase the amount of muscle you have in the gym and complement this with protein.

On top of Green Tea, coffee is an example of a great metabolism booster. Around 3 cups a day gives optimum effects, but just monitor how it makes you feel, that might be way above your personal threshold – some people cope better than others.

Burning fat through metabolism is just an example of working smart. You can burn fat whilst doing very little…

Here’s a little known, scientifically proven tip from Tim Ferris (author of The 4 Hour Body) to avoid fat gain, if you are going to indulge in eating leftover treats:

It’s actually tested that just 60 – 90 seconds of high intensity exercise, such as bodyweight squats, right before consuming a high calorie meal encourages insulin to store food energy in your muscle cells and prevents it from being stored in your fat cells.

You can also increase the benefits by following up your meal with another 60 – 90 seconds of squats to really help make sure you’re making muscle gains and not fat gains.

Eat The Right Foods

There is plenty of information about what you should and shouldn’t eat out there.

We’re going to forgive the fact that it is the season to eat more treats than usual and just give you a few things you should avoid (we will get to the good ingredients a little later).

Artificial sweeteners are quite easily avoided. The extra sugar you might be consuming through the festive chocolates etc are obviously bad news for belly fat. But the supposed substitutes contain a lot of ingredients including chemicals that are just stored in your fat cells.

If you are going to make one change then Stevia has been found to contain a very low calorie count and less harmful ingredients.

This is why we advise to burn fat after Christmas, you still want to enjoy the season.

Avoid these foods to get rid of belly fat at Christmas:

  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Junk Food
  • Fruit Juices (Surprised? They are high in sugar)
  • Alcohol
  • Sweets
  • Processed and Refined Foods
  • Sugary Snacks

Stay Away From Stress

For some, the holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. With so much to do, plan as well as the added financial commitment that many people make, sometimes your belly fat is one of the last things you are worried about.

With this in mind, stress actually releases cortisol, this, in turn, is one of the causes of belly fat being stored.

So, even if you are keeping to a good diet, have an excellent exercise routine and lifestyle but still have some of that unwanted fat on your body. Stress could be the cause and the reason you still have it!

Take time to look after yourself. If it is a spa day, a day off of work to yourself or just to do an activity you enjoy – make sure you are keeping yourself healthy by relaxing.

Burn Fat after Christmas – Join a Gym

Join a gym to burn fat after Christmas

‘New Year New You’ – a motto for many and the gym is part of your new routine. But, does your mantra and New Year’s resolution include a commitment to commitment?

That’s right, so many people join the gym with good intentions but ditch it after a couple of weeks before the habit is even formed.

Many people even end up tied into a contract that they never use but pay for all year round.

Ouch. Sounds expensive.

Stop yourself from being one of those people by motivating yourself and getting to the gym. Find a friend who shares the same goal as you, or even make new ones at the gym.

An exercise plan and healthy diet are the two big boxes to tick if you are looking to lose that belly fat after Christmas and you can often take advantage of the gym’s free induction to create an exercise and diet plan for your goals!

See how you can take your gym routine to the next level with our Boss Workouts Shape and Burn review.

Burn Fat After Christmas By Taking a Fat Burning Supplement

Often found in completely natural and 100% safe formats, these are growing in popularity and are now big business. Often used by professional athletes who are looking to shed weight they have become a great way of consuming a number of fat burning ingredients in one go.

They have many uses, including the ability to give the user more energy. This is aways important when complimented by a diet that might restrict calorie intake. Some even suppress appetite.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fat burning ingredients to get rid of Christmas belly fat:

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

A lot of these feature in our top fat burning ingredients article, give it a read to check out more.

Cayenne Pepper

If you are not great with spice, then you will find that you are missing out on the great deal of benefits this ingredient has as a fat burner. A supplement just might be a good opportunity for you to receive its fat burning properties. All without having to reach for a glass of milk!

Raising the body’s temperature making it cool itself down. It will increase your calorie loss and there are even various studies that show it to be good at suppressing appetite.


A mainstay in many supplements and for good reason. It is in a lot of fat burners due to its ability to boost your body’s energy levels and stimulate your metabolism.

This stimulant will also burn fat through thermogenesis just like Cayenne Pepper. This on top of increasing your endurance during exercise so it has various benefits.

A word of caution, if taking other supplements as well as fat burners, keep an eye on how much caffeine you are consuming – Too much and you could find it causes some less desirable side effects such as jitters and headaches in high doses.

Black Pepper Extract

Known for being a good all rounder for your health, Piperine. The extract found in black pepper is often shown to prevent fat gain as well as be a very effective thermogenic. There are also studies that have shown it to be useful for stopping the development of fat cells.

It is found in many weight loss supplements as it is also good for bringing out the best in other ingredients. Hence why it is used in other supplements also.

Burn Fat After Christmas Conclusion

So there you have it, there are many ways to shed the excess pounds and get rid of that unwanted belly fat. The holiday season is a common time for many to re-evaluate their health goals so you are not alone.

If you are thinking of giving yourself an additional boost to compliment your ambitions then a fat burner is an excellent way of increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.

We only recommend completely safe products, and the two best fat burners on the market in our opinion are LeanBean. A fat burner aimed at the female market, and a very effective one (check out our full LeanBean female fat burner review here for more information on its many benefits).

The other #1 recommended fat burner that is head and shoulders above the rest is Instant Knockout. There is a reason this features so highly on many lists of top fat burners, and firstly it is completely safe with no side effects. A great way to burn fat after Christmas.

Secondly, it has an excellent list of ingredients, many at optimal dosages. To find out more then read our more in-depth Instant Knockout review).

Whatever works for you, we wish you the very best.


Set your goals, keep them realistic and stick to them!

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