Genius Brand – Genius Test Review [Smart Testosterone Booster or Not?]


Genius Test


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  • Some decent ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Missing a lot of the best T boosters
  • Some ineffective ingredients

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Genius Test Review

Whether you are clever or not, it doesn’t take a genius to spot a great T booster. Will our Genius Test review bring us a product worth buying or not?

Never mind purchasing, will this make it onto our top recommended testosterone booster list? If it wants to do that it will have to back up its claims that go beyond its self-loving name.

What is it that Genius Test needs to give us to impress?

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy

This is the bare minimum as far as we’re concerned and no amount of clever marketing can help them when it comes to the ingredients and dosages.

They claim that they have made a first-rate multipurpose test-booster. They also claim that their products are clinically dosed and it won’t be long until we can put this to the sword and see if they are telling the truth.

Genius Test Review: Who Makes Genius Test?

Genius BrandGenius-Test

Here we have the company behind this T booster, they are based in Seattle.

They claim to have been born with total disregard for standard profit margins. This sounds good and they comment on how many products are similar with everyone just trying to make the cheapest product.

We won’t argue with that for the majority of products, but can this be any different?

They produce a wide range of products including post workouts and mood enhancers. They end their about page by saying – We are all humans. We are all Genius.

Can’t argue with the first part, can definitely think of some exceptions to the second! They have spent a fair bit of space talking about how this is free from artificial sweeteners are the like, that’s what we expect really.

They try to make out that this product isn’t strictly a T booster going on to say it helps with multiple uses such as stamina and reduced body fat. But the fact that your libido and muscle benefits, it definitely is a T booster! How good? Let’s take a look.

Genius Test Review: Genius Test Ingredientsgenius-test-ingredients

Now we can see how they have applied their brain to help with the brawn now.

The good news is that there are no proprietary blends in sight. This means the dosages are all revealed and that we can take a proper look at how effective each ingredient will be. Too many companies these days use blends to disguise a low dosage.

The suggested serving is 2 capsules twice a day. For us, the optimal amount is a supplement you can take 3-4 times a day to really spread out the benefits.


An aphrodisiac this ingredient might have multiple benefits including some for T boosting.

You are likely to see this in nootropic supplements because of the way it helps your body deal with stress but this can have its uses for your T. Since stress is a known killer of testosterone, anything that helps in this area is a good idea.

It might offer sperm support and might even have benefits for your overall muscle strength

The problem is these are maybes and according to it does not boost testosterone. They point to the fact that there isn’t a lot of evidence at this time to support it as a T booster. They also comment that the optimal dose is 6,000 mg a day. At 1,000 mg Genius Test haven’t been too clever with their dosage.

Shilajit Extract

A traditional medicine that is still undergoing reliable trials in the western world. If you go by what the studies have said so far then this might be a beneficial T boosting ingredient through boosting the building blocks of T.

These studies are in the early stages although the 500 mg in this product might be enough going by what they have found so far.


An ingredient you will find in many of our top recommended T boosters for a reason.

It is another traditional medicine that is thought to be an effective aphrodisiac making it a good libido enhancer.

It is good for balancing insulin levels which is good news for your testosterone since an imbalance can play with your T levels. The 500 mg included is a good amount that will work some magic.


A bit like the poor ingredient Tribulus in that it was once heralded as a great T booster but since then studies have not been as kind to it.

It is thought to be good for raising the T levels of anyone with very low T, bringing it up to a more normal level. Unless you are in this category it doesn’t seem as though this will be of much use to you.

The fact that there is 100 mg in here is a shame and could be put to better use.


According to WebMD you are likely to find this ingredient in the likes of Red Wine, Onions, Green Teas, Apples and beyond.

The same website doesn’t seem to believe that this is an ingredient that has any particular uses and there is no mention of any benefits for testosterone.

We’re not even sure why they have included this ingredient, there doesn’t appear to be any uses other than being a potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


A good ingredient for boosting your T.

Anything that can decrease the level of estrogen in your body is good news as this frees up room for testosterone to thrive.

Because it decreases the effectiveness of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin this is what stops the T in your system from being usable. When this is not as prevalent, your testosterone can really get to work.

The 10 mg here is all you need to get the benefits.


An ingredient you will commonly get from eating the likes of Kale and Broccoli but it is a mixed bag (not of Kale!).

It is thought to be good at lowering estrogen levels which is good for testosterone, only this isn’t always the case. There have been studies that have showed this ingredient can actually increase your estrogen levels which is literally the opposite of what you want.

Studies are ongoing and we will wait for further evidence before we start touting this as an effective T booster.

Genius Test Review: Genius Test Side Effects

The good thing about this product is that they have used their brains and created a product that is at least safe to use. Sure, the ingredients could do with reviewing but there isn’t anything in here that should concern you.

As always, check the label if you have allergies.

Genius Test Review: Genius Test Pros and Cons


  • Some decent ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Missing a lot of the best T boosters
  • Some ineffective ingredients

Genius Test Review: Genius Test Conclusion

The main problem we have with this product is the fact that it is missing a lot of the best ingredients for testosterone boosting – not so smart.

It’s unusual for a T booster to not include the likes of Zinc, Vitamin D3, and D-aspartic Acid. Zinc is required for your body to create testosterone and low levels of D3 are linked to low testosterone. They are staples of most T boosters and haven’t been replaced accordingly.

Too many of the ingredients need further studies to back up their place in a testosterone booster and we find it a bit frustrating when companies go with lose evidence when deciding what to put in their products.

We commend them for not using proprietary blends and for making a safe product but that is about as kind as we can be.

As any good Genius Test Review should say, all in all, there are a few ingredients that might help you here, but nowhere near enough to really get your testosterone going where you want it.

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