GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review [Is It What It Used to Be?]

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout


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  • Some useful ingredients


  • Proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Potential side effects

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GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review

Before you ask, yes we do look at all the ingredients closely in our GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review.

Anything that has been banned in some areas must have caught your attention, it has ours!

But we are going to find out if this is justified, and if it can be a useful product.

In order to impress, it needs to give us the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Of course, a safe product is also a must. So, what exactly goes into each serving and can it become a useful addition to our top recommended pre-workouts?

Let’s start by getting to know the people that make it a bit better.

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

GAT SportsGAT Nitraflex Pre Workout

Here we have the US-based brand behind the pre-workout.

They say they have over 20 years of experience. When applied to this product, you’d expect big things.

GAT Sport also comment that they are featured in numerous outlets around the world. This should make it no surprise that they have so many products available.

We liked seeing their natural line which included the likes of Sports Greens and Plant Protein, there is even a diuretic on there!

If you are into endorsements then they have some good names. Mr. Olympia classic physique 3rd place contestant Sadik Hadzovic is one of their ambassadors and there are also Bikini Pros on there as well.

They had a page dedicated to product demo events but as far as we could see, there wasn’t anything lined up. It claims to be part pre workout but with testosterone boosting properties as well.

This isn’t always a combination that works and in our experience, it is best to stick to one approach.

With their products listed on Amazon, it appears that they sell well. Still, this isn’t an approach that everyone adopts. Some companies suggest that they prefer to keep their supplements away from a lot of the low quality offerings on there.

Still, this product might be the exception.

As with some of their other products, there are a lot of ingredients to get through. We’ll take a look at what it has to offer.

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout IngredientsGAT Nitraflex Pre Workout ingredients

This is where we can get to know a product a bit better.

The early signs aren’t great though – it contains a few proprietary blends. This means we don’t get to take a proper look at the dosages. In turn, this means we cannot see how safe or effective they are.

Still, there is a lot we can learn from the ingredients alone.


A slow start, this is known as Vitamin B3.

It does have a role to play in energy metabolism. It makes sure the body uses carbs for energy, burning them off in the process. A helping hand for your energy levels – an important trait for a pre-workout of course.

The problem with it is that when the body takes in excess amounts, it passes through your urine and does advise that for B3 to be effective you need around a gram of it.

The 25 mg here falls well below that.


A great ingredient for any pre-workout. In fact, this is included in many of our top recommended pre-workout supplements.

With so many benefits, it is best known for improving blood flow to the muscles. By increasing nitric oxide levels it is great for gains.

Derived from the likes of watermelon, it is an amino acid and one that converts into Arginine in the body.

This helps with creatine synthesis. This is good as although this product doesn’t directly contain Creatine, it will help your body to make more.

Some products include as much as 6,000 mg of Citrulline. Since this is in the proprietary blend we are not sure what we’re getting. The blend totals 7,240 mg and contains many ingredients so it isn’t going to be as potent or effective.

L-Arginine Malate

An amino acid, this is more likely to be seen in a T booster.

Since this product does promise you more T, we can see why they have included it. By increasing blood flow, it gets your T to where you want it. With benefits for sexual health as well it just might be a decent inclusion.

The problem with it is that it is not easily absorbed by the body. The previous ingredient is far better at this and they would have been better off just giving the user more of that.

Still, without the dosage, we have no idea how good it can be.

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate

According to one study, this version of L-Arginine failed to improve muscular performance in resistance trained and untrained men.

An ineffective ingredient that is often advertised as being able to aid muscle performance. It appears to be useless and taking up more room here.


Weirdly, this ingredient has been linked to increasing lifespan. advise that this is false and does not appear to do so in mammals. It appears to be effective at protecting the heart but does not add years to your life.

Found in wine, it is something you might have heard of but when it comes to a pre-workout ingredient, it doesn’t appear to have any real benefits.


A common ingredient in some health-related supplements it isn’t the most impressive.

Derived from blueberries, it has been found to reduce blood pressure. Since this isn’t what we are after here, it appears to be a bit of filler.

With so many ingredients in their proprietary blend, it is no surprise to see the ineffective ingredients starting to creep in.

How much room it is taking up – we’re not sure because of the blend.


This amino acid might be natural, but it is a bit of a disappointment.

Firstly, WebMD advises that it is a nonessential amino acid that is produced by the body. It is the potential side effects that put us off though.

These pass in a couple of hours but it is linked to causing paresthesia. This is a tingling sensation on the skin and is a real pain for people in the gym.

Also, there isn’t exactly a great deal of evidence to back its uses up. These are thought to be its potential to fight fatigue and produce Carnosine. This is what helps your muscles to stay at their peak for longer.

We did say the side effects are minor and WebMD advise that it can cause flushing and tingling. If we knew the dosage we might be able to say it doesn’t contain enough to do this.

The proprietary blends stop us from knowing once again.


A popular ingredient for virtually every supplement.

The energy increase is a good place to start. By giving you more, it can mean better results in the gym. It is also able to increase focus and alertness.

This is why it is often found in nootropic supplements as well. A lot of products include the Caffeine Anhydrous version. This is a powdered form that is easily absorbed and gets to work fast.

Since we aren’t getting a lot of information about this ingredient, we assume it is just regular Caffeine.

This is where you need the dosage though. Too much Caffeine can lead to jitters, headaches, insomnia and a lot more.

DMAE Bitartrate

Thought to have benefits for your cognition it is the negatives that we are more worried about.

It is banned in many countries including Canada and Australia. The negative side effects include high blood pressure, drowsiness, headaches, itching, insomnia, and depression. These are less than desirable and should be avoided.

It can also cause birth defects and is just all round bad news in our eyes.

The proprietary blend makes this so much worse as well. Since we have no idea how much we are getting, it could be even worse than we thought.


A better ingredient at least.

It works against the negative effects of stimulants. By helping the user to stay calm, it allows you to still get all the benefits that the likes of Caffeine have to offer.

L-Tyrosine has been found to promote focus and reduce stress.

Without the dosage though, we have no idea if it will work.


Another clever inclusion. The fact that this works in the same way as L-Tyrosine makes you think that they have included large simulant dosages.

By keeping you calm, it should give you one less thing to worry about.

Derived from Green Tea leaves it has been found to make sure that the positive effects of Caffeine last for longer.

Will it work? The proprietary blend prevents us from knowing.


An ingredient that works in a similar way to Yohimbine which makes it less than desirable. say that there isn’t a lot known about its potency. A concern in itself.

With more research, it might be more impressive, but right now – it isn’t!

Calcium Fructopyranose Borate (CFB)

Without a lot of studies, it is hard to say if this ingredient is entirely safe, to be honest.

It is linked to reducing inflammation but until we see more concrete evidence, we won’t be getting behind it.

Included in their testosterone enhancing complex but we can’t find any useful information to suggest it will help raise T significantly.

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Side Effects

There are so many reasons this product could cause side effects.

The proprietary blend by itself is a worry. If we don’t know how much we are getting then even the Caffeine content could be too high.

This could result in jitters, headaches, insomnia and more.

Then there is Beta-Alanine. This can cause paresthesia, a tingling sensation in the skin. It passes before too long but is still inconvenient and annoying.

DMAE is perhaps the worst of the lot. It’s potential side effects are more serious and include birth defects, high blood pressure, drowsiness, headaches, itching, insomnia, and depression.

It’s no wonder that GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout banned is still a common concern.

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Some useful ingredients

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Potential side effects

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout Review Conclusion

This is not a product we would recommend.

There just aren’t enough good ingredients and the poor ones are a combination of useless, and dangerous.

It all centers around the proprietary blend. For all we know, the dangerous ingredients might be dosed in small amounts and the potential side effects are less likely.

However, it is more likely that they have masked their dosages to make sure the users do not know about some underdosed ingredients.

Why else would you do it?

Here at CLM, we wouldn’t recommend any product that could be harmful. Especially since there are many proven products on the market that are both safe and work very well.

The combination of a pre-workout and testosterone booster just didn’t work. We had our reservations and this is another product that just proves us right. Speaking of being proven right, it seems that the people wondering if this is a bit of a worrying pre-workout were right.

GAT Nitraflex is just not a product that you would want to consume. The more you learn about it, the less likely you should be to buy it.

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