Fit Miss Tone Review

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Fit Miss Tone


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  • Safe to use
  • Ingredients have some potential


  • The Product relies on potential benefits
  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Proprietary blend

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Fit Miss Tone Review

Another day, another female fat burner in front of us. Our Fit Miss Tone review gives us the chance to see if we can add another supplement to our list of the best female fat burners around.

To compete with the best it must be effective as well as safe, two massive attributes as far as we are concerned that isn’t limited to fat burners.

Any fat burner worth looking at should be able to do the following:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost energy
  • Be safe
  • Reduce Bloating

Well, it is clear from the website that Fit Miss believe they can do all this and more, so let’s take a closer look to see if they can back up their claims.

Fit Miss Tone Review: Who Makes This Female Fat Burner?

Muscle Pharm is the people behind this female fat burner and based in the USA, they are proud of their soft gel capsules.

These capsules appear to be a bit of a gimmick to us, if they were better than what is already on the market at allowing the body to absorb ingredient, then everyone would be using them by now.

This product is marketed as being good for shaping the body and toning it. They are obvious proud of the fact that it is free of stimulants. Whether this is beneficial or not depends on what else goes into each capsule.

There isn’t a whole lot of information available through the official website, so we will find out as much as we can and do the research for you.

Fit Miss Tone Ingredients

Well, there is a huge disappointment from the off. Fit Miss Tone ingredients are all part of one proprietary blend, to make things worse, there are hardly any ingredients. No wonder this supplement is so cheap.

This Fit Miss Tone is already getting serious.-

This means all the dosages are hidden and we are given just one overall dosage of every ingredient combined. It also makes it difficult to rank highly on our list of top fat burner supplements.

This makes it difficult to tell how effective each ingredient is. They could all be dosed too low and therefore be ineffective, or even too high and have potential side effects.

Despite this, we will take a look at what ingredients are selected to go into Fit Miss Tone.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is a group of chemicals which can be made from dairy products.

Most commonly trialed as a cancer-fighting ingredient but also used for treating obesity. Therefore it is not surprising that Fit Miss Tone have looked into including it in their fat burner.

It is a pretty safe ingredient according to WebMD Who seem to vouch for its fat loss encouraging capabilities. Although the benefits are under the ‘possibly effective for’ section, so it is not set in stone.

The metabolism boosting properties of this ingredient are what Fit Miss Tone is really trying to push. This will benefit anyone who has a slow metabolism and even give you a burst of energy that stops you from feeling lethargic.

These are all thing it can potentially do, our issue is the fact that we need to see more evidence to back it up.

We have no idea how effective the dosage of this ingredient is as it is within the proprietary blend.

Virgin Olive Oil

Whether you usually use this to drizzle over your salad or cook with, due to the good fats that it has.

In some areas, it is thought to help you to lose weight as well as improve your blood pressure and improve good cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Some even think it is a decent appetite suppressor. When taken pre-meal, it can make you feel fuller for longer so you do not eat as large a portion. This can also stop you from reaching for the snack cupboard throughout the day. Although we haven’t seen a lot of research to back this up. It has the potential to be a good ingredient in a fat burner, even though you do not often see it.

Also thought to be a good mood enhancer due to the serotonin levels that rise as a result of consuming Virgin Olive Oil.

An optimal dosage would be good here, but the proprietary blend does not allow us to see how much is in Fit Miss Tone.

Avocado Oil

Extracted by pressing Avocados, this comes from what seems to be the superfood of the modern diet.

It is another ingredient that is only thought to ‘possibly’ have fat loss benefits so there is limited evidence to support it as a top fat burner ingredient.

So far we are seeing a lot of decent ingredients, some that make it onto a healthy plate of food. But in terms of fat burning, we are yet to see any of the top fat burning ingredients.

The fact is, there are hardly any clinical studies that point Avocado Oil out as being an effective fat burner. It seems like it is off the radar in that sense and most people aren’t even considering it as having such capabilities.

That is it from the ingredients, how are 3 ingredients going to be effective enough to promote fat loss throughout the day? Is this really end of the ingredients for our FitMiss Tone review already?

The problem with the limited amount of ingredients is that a couple of these are ‘possibly’ beneficial for fat loss. This would not be a problem usually, a supplement with 10 ingredients of which 2-3 aren’t effective, still has 7 to fall back on. But even 1 of the 3 don’t do the job they should here. It leaves a pretty ineffective female fat burner.

Fit Miss Tone Side Effects

Their website doesn’t mention any side effects, in fact, there isn’t much information on there at all regarding this female fat burner, something we are not a fan of.

They do comment that it is free of stimulants, this is good because if there were stimulants within a proprietary blend. This could result in side effects.

The ingredients are for the most part considered to be safe. The only potential danger is the CLA as many people already get a large amount of this in their everyday diets. Too much CLA can lead to stomach complaints, nausea, and diarrhea.

This is considered to be unlikely though and CLA should be considered to be pretty safe for most people.

Fit Miss Tone Review Pros and Cons

Fit Miss Tone Review Pros

  • Safe to use
  • Ingredients have some potential

Fit Miss Tone Review Cons

  • The Product relies on potential benefits
  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Proprietary blend

Fit Miss Tone Review Conclusion

A strange one as you don’t often come across a supplement that offers little in the way of ingredients.

The good news is that despite the proprietary blend all 3 ingredients are within, there doesn’t appear to be any potential side effects from using this product.

The ingredients might well work, but the evidence supporting their fat burning capabilities is limited. You want a female fat burner to have proven ingredients that are backed up by clinical research. On top of this, the dosages should not be undervalued.

Whilst Fit Miss Tone could provide a bit of a boost for your fat loss goals, there are many fat burning supplements on the market that offer much bigger results.

One such female fat burner is Hourglass, one of the best around. It has a carefully selected list of proven fat burning ingredients at optimal dosages and is safe to use.

To find out more about this excellent female fat burner, check out our Hourglass review.

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