EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review [Can This Approach Work?]

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout


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  • Some useful ingredients
  • Free shipping over $49


  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects

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EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review

A chance today to take a look at one of the newer offerings from a big brand. Our EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review is going to really put it through its paces.

Can it compete with our top recommended pre-workouts? Or is it going to just be some more filler on the market?

As long as it can be safe and effective, it has a chance. If it can give us the following, it would be a good start:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this and it won’t be good enough to recommend. Let’s start by getting to know the company a little better.

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

Evlution NutritionEVLNutrition ENGN Pre Workout

Here we have a Florida based giant of a supplements company.

Their site has all the usual mission statement content with their passion for the fitness industry a point they are also putting across.

They have a huge range of products that includes everything from BCAA energy supplements to fat burners. There is also an extensive merch range that you may have seen the odd person wearing around the gym.

With a big reach, they even have a 6-week training program on their site. Some of their brand ambassadors include James Boggia, he seems to be a CrossFit trainer and enthusiast although it doesn’t say what he is particularly known for.

They do offer free 2-day shipping with orders over $49.

Mostly available online, there are a few outlets that shift their products. We couldn’t find a money back guarantee.

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout IngredientsEVLNutrition ENGN Pre Workout Ingredients

This is where we can really see if it is going to be effective.

The early signs aren’t great though. They put a lot of their ingredients into a proprietary blend. This means we don’t get to see a lot of the dosages and can make it difficult to see if an ingredient is effective or not.

Still, there is a lot to go on.


Sometimes known as Vitamin B3, it’s not the most glamorous of starts.

Like a lot of the B-vitamins, Niacin can help the body to break down carbs and then use them for energy. This can get you shredded and give you that extra output in the gym.

The problem with it is that when we take on excess amounts, it passes through your urine. Examine.com also says that in order for it to be effective you need around a gram of it.

We do get a dosage at least and it is 35 mg.

Vitamin B6

More energy creating ingredients.

This is good but it works in a similar way to the previous ingredient. By converting glucose into fuel it can help you to get more out of your gym time. There is a reason it isn’t the flagship ingredient for any great products though.

The 2 mg is on the low side compared to a lot of the competition as well.

Vitamin B12

Yet more help with energy metabolism.

It can be useful though simply because our bodies cannot create it naturally. Also, because prominent sources are fish, meat, and dairy, a vegetarian or vegan can benefit from supplementing.

It is at times linked with mental functioning, although WebMD files this trait under their possibly ineffective for section.

At 25 mcg, it might be enough to help.

Folic Acid

A bit of a better ingredient only because of the fact that it can help to produce nitric oxide. This is good for promoting muscle mass. A popular ingredient for those trying to conceive it is otherwise known as Vitamin B9.

WebMD describes it as required for the proper development of the human body. It is involved in producing the genetic material called DNA and in numerous other bodily functions.

The 800 mcg is about right for it to have an effect.


Not a great ingredient and certainly not one you find in our top recommended pre-workouts.

It can increase memory and attention span but this isn’t exactly what we’re here for!

Because of these traits, Choline Bitartrate is an ingredient you would usually find in nootropics.

Examine.com tell us that it is mostly used for either its cognitive boosting properties or as a liver health agent.

It’s not one to get excited about though although the dosage of 200 mg is a standard one.


An ingredient that is included to help keep you calm in stressful situations.

Basically, because the Caffeine content, this is a necessary ingredient.

It can help the user to focus even when there is a lot of Caffeine in their system. The proprietary blend though makes it difficult to see if it will work or not.

Still, one of the better ingredients in this product.

Agmatine Sulfate

An ingredient you don’t see too often but it does get some support.

Agmatine is thought to be able to increase blood flow and even aid muscle recovery. These are the sort of useful traits we are after so it could be a good inclusion. It is also thought to be capable of reducing anxiety this is another good strength given the stimulants in this product.

Otherwise known as curcumin, it is a metabolite of L-Arginine. (Examine.com) that shows promise for alleviating neuropathic pain and shows some potential in benefitting cognitive health.

This still requires a bit more studies to really back it up but it just might be a good inclusion.

We don’t have the dosage again though which makes it hard to tell if it will work or not.

Caffeine Anhydrous

An ingredient that is important to many pre workouts.

Not just this, it has benefits for just about any supplement. This is why you will find it in fat burners, nootropics and more.

In terms of a pre-workout though, it is the energy increase that is going to be most useful. A reliable source, it will have you ready to go as soon as you get to the gym. Other benefits include added focus and alertness, both great for the gym as well.

The anhydrous side just refers to the fact that it is a powdered version that is absorbed easily. It is also able to act fast.

As good as stimulants are, they must still be dosed correctly. Since we do not have the dosage, it puts you at risk of insomnia, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate, nervousness, headaches and more  (WebMD).

Mucuna Pruriens

With benefits that are better suited to a T booster, it is a bit of surprise to see it.

It is believed that this ingredient can raise T levels to a normal level, but not beyond. It stimulates the luteinizing hormone which communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone.

This is great and all but it’s not what we are looking for.

Really, it is taking up room that could be better spent. This is the sign of a poor product when it continues for too long.


Another odd inclusion really.

Definitely not an ingredient you see very often in pre-workouts, although it is a mild stimulant.

It has similar effects to Caffeine but there are some that dispute this. Most studies that get behind it say it can increase focus, energy as well as mood.

Because it can widen the airways it can help you to get more air into your system which will help with upping the intensity.

With effects that last longer than Caffeine, we can see the sense behind it.

Although, one study did show that it didn’t have any beneficial effects when it came to cognition and mood when compared to a placebo and Caffeine.

As with any stimulant, you really need to dosage, but we don’t get this information once again.


A good ingredient and one that shows a real understanding of what should go into a pre-workout.

Because of the stimulants, this is the sort of proven ingredient you need to make sure you stay calm and in control.

It brings out the best in Caffeine without stopping it from working. L-Theanine is derived from Green Tea leaves, Examine.com advise that it helps promote relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with Caffeine.

Because we don’t know the Caffeine content, this ingredient is even more important. The problem is though we also don’t have the dosage of this ingredient.

Huperzine A

This can enhance cognitive capabilities and help you to focus.

Useful for the gym but without the dosage it is hard to say whether it will work or not anyway. A common theme with this product.


This is the trademarked version of Black Pepper Extract.

A popular ingredient in many supplements due to the fact that it brings the best out of the other ingredients. This usually improves an already good product.

The problem here is, there aren’t enough of the top, proven pre-workout ingredients to make it as good as it could be.

Also, the proprietary blend stops us from knowing if it will be dosed high enough to have any impact.

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Side Effects

This is where we would like to say there is nothing to worry about.

The problem lies in the fact that we do not know how much Caffeine there is in this product. The proprietary blend is the issue here but too much Caffeine can result in jitters, insomnia, nausea, headaches and a lot more.

Then there is Beta-Alanine. This has been found to cause paresthesia. This passes within a couple of hours but the tingling sensation sure is distracting.

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Some useful ingredients
  • Free shipping over $49

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects

EVLution Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Whilst this product has some decent ingredients, there isn’t enough for this product to make it worth your money.

It has some of the good pre-workout ingredients such as Creatine and L-Theanine, even Caffeine but it had more problems than plus points.

Actually the inclusion of Caffeine is a concern here. The proprietary blend makes things difficult and not being able to see the level of stimulants included always works against a supplement.

The company might be reputable enough but we have seen enough to know that there are a lot of better options out there.

Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to quality. If you went to a shop to look for a product then you have only a few options. The good news is that the best products can be purchased online.

Don’t settle for anything less than an effective product that is safe. EVLUtion Nutrition ENGN Pre Workout doesn’t tick either of those boxes.

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