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  • Good Ingredient List
  • D-Aspartic Acid is a good dosage and effective ingredient
  • Vitamin D3 and Zinc are good additions


  • A few ingredients won't help with what you need
  • Advice of taking once a day means the effects could wear off

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EVLTest Review

With so many male testosterone boosters around, you would be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed when it comes to choice Read our EVLTest review so you arent just going for what your gym buddy recommends.

This is all very well but it could lead to two people using a sub par supplement. Here we put another market leader through its paces. We’ll see if it meets the standard we demand to make it a worthwhile purchase.

EVLTEST is a strong name in the testosterone booster world, and has a unique approach. The people behind it EVLUTION NUTRITION advise that it should be taken just before you go to bed as it supports a good night sleep.

Supporting sleep is a trait less common in testosterone boosters. The benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be overlooked for overall health including healthy testosterone levels. Let’s see just how much of a good idea testosterone boosters before bed are as we go into more detail throughout.

EVLTest Claim that they:

  • Give you more strength
  • Helps you to get better sleep
  • Increase testosterone
  • Enhance stamina

They are not yet approved by the FDA so they have made the above claims on their own research and opinion. That’s all fine, as long as it all works and is safe.

EVLTest Review: Who Makes It?


Based in Florida they mostly sell their products through two of the well known bodybuilding sites. They have two other products that we have seen more widely.

Both LeanMode and TRANS4ORM are pretty average supplements of theirs. But this could mean their specialty is in a different area. That’s why we are giving EVLTest a look with open eyes.

EVLTest Ingredients 

The advice given is to take once a day.

Whilst this is good for convenience, there is something that appeals to us more about taking a testosterone booster a few times a day. This will spread out the benefits over a longer period. However, we are willing to take a closer look.

Vitamin D3

This is an ingredient we always recommend that you look out for in a testosterone booster because of the many studies that show it supports healthy testosterone levels.

Naturally your body creates Vitamin D3 when sunlight is absorbed onto your skin. Those in warmer climates are often given the chance to get more of this. Because of the 9-5 office lifestyle of many people, there is a deficiency for a lot of us.

An ingredient is only as good as the dosage though and the 1000 IU included in EVLTEST is ok if not outstanding when compared to some of the elite T-boosters out there.

Vitamin B6

So, if testosterone is good for you, then estrogen is the opposite for men. Anything that reduces the latter is a welcomed addition to any testosterone booster. That’s exactly what B6 does.

In larger quantities it works to regulate the production of hormones that are bad for your testosterone levels, like Estrogen. It also helps to increase the level of testosterone.

Unfortunately, Vitamin B6 does not stay in your body for long. Once it is used it needs regular replenishing if you are to keep getting it’s benefits. That is why a good source is always important.


Always good to see on a list of T-boosting ingredients since it is known as a mineral that is good for androgens. In testes your body need zinc to function.

Men with higher levels of Zinc in their bodies are shown to also have higher testosterone levels. It has been proven that Zinc helps with the production of testosterone in the male body.

Older men in particular would benefit from the increase in Zinc to boost their testosterone levels. After 30 your T-levels decrease year on year so topping them up is important.


Good for stopping the effects of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which binds your natural testosterone so it can’t be used.

The magnesium is also good for reducing the effects of oxidative stress which occurs when exercising and also happens during the aging process. Oxidative stress is bad on your testosterone. Anything that can counter this is good.

The 160 mg included in EVLTEST is not the highest or most effective we have seen. But if you have a good level of magnesium in your diet it should suffice as a boost.

D-Aspartic Acid

EVLTEST contains a sufficient level of this to make it effective in your body. Just what does it do for testosterone though? Considered to be one of the better T-boosters because of it’s ability to raise testosterone levels by over 40% during a 3 month period.

It triggers the luteinizing hormone which sends signals to your testes and tells it to produce more testosterone. It also increases your sperm count.

Tribulus Terrestris

A slightly dubious inclusion. Most of the studies around will show that Tribulus Terrestris has little to no effect on testosterone levels.

If you are using T-booster for sexual enhancement then this ingredient has been found to help with libido.

The large dose of this in EVLTEST might be a waste though.


A much more effective libido enhancer that although not a real testosterone booster it does help to promote healthy levels.

Fenugreek is found in a lot of Indian food so it is no surprise that is traditionally used in their medicines as well. It’s medicinal properties for testosterone are that it reduces insulin levels – obviously good for diabetes, but this is also useful for countering the effectiveness of SHBG.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

You wouldn’t think that broccoli would be good for your testerone? Well that is where this is derived from.

The word ‘might’ is often used when describing the T-boosting benefits of this ingredient. This isn’t a strong enough conviction for us.

Some studies have shown that it might be good for the suppression of estrogen but there needs to be more evidence to support this if we are to start telling people that it should be used for this. It could even support estrogen which is what you do not want.

EVLTest Side Effects

Although some of the ingredients aren’t quite as effective because of their lower dosages, this might help with the fact that there are no side effects from using EVLTEST. This is said with the inclusion of DIM in mind.

This ingredient has been shown to actually increase estrogen in some studies which could lead to side effects. But we would like to see more evidence before condemning this product.

Some of the testosterone boosters on the market take a risk by including some unsafe ingredients. Which is why we go through the ingredients lists in our reviews and pick out anything that you need to know.

It has passed this test by our standards.

EVLTest Review Pros and Cons

EVLTest Review Pros

  • A good ingredient list
  • D-Aspartic Acid is a good dosage and effective ingredient
  • Vitamin D3 and Zinc are good additions

EVLTest Review Cons

  • A few ingredients won’t help with what you need
  • Advice of taking once a day means the effects could wear off

EVLTest Review Conclusion

Well, let’s start the conclusion by stating that we recommend EVLTEST as a testosterone booster.

The ingredient list provides more than enough benefits for the user to get a good level of testosterone and raise them in a safe manner.

It is a bit of a shame that the serving suggestion is kept to once at night. We do prefer to see the benefits given the best chance possible to last throughout the day, so the more servings that can be spread out the better (within reason).

A couple of the ingredients are a bit questionable and ineffective in truth for what we are looking for. This is not the only product that has ingredients like this. Many of the T-boosters on the market will include a few extra ingredients that have a limited amount of scientific proof that warrants their inclusion.

Either way the most important thing is there are good enough levels of the better ingredients so it’s effectiveness should hold up.

We think they might recommend it before you go to bed because there is no caffeine and some testosterone boosters include it as an ingredient. With this being said it would be a good supplement for evening use because of this.

Like we often say, everyone is different so try the product and see how your body respond. If you feel the benefit in the gym and at home then great. Like we said there should be no side effects going by the ingredients list.

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