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  • Some good ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Low dosage of Vitamin D
  • Too much Zinc
  • Potential side effects
  • Serving schedule not ideal

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ErgoDrive Review

The word Xtreme and Boost is often overused in the product name of so many monotonous testosterone boosters so our ErgoDrive review brings us something a little refreshing in terms of branding.

The promises aren’t however, it says the same as everyone else, their intentions are good and this product says it is a natural testosterone booster which is always a good start.

To really impress us though it is going to have to do everything right. That’s the only way to make it onto our top recommended testosterone booster list.

It needs to give us the basics to stand a chance and we consider these to be:

  • More strength
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Elevated mood

Can this race to the front of the pack or is it going to be stuck in reverse? Let’s get to know the people behind it a little better first.

ErgoDrive Review: Who Makes ErgoDrive?


This is the company behind this product and they are based in the USA.

They have a wide range of products with everything from a pre-workout to fat burners.

Their brand ambassadors include a range of people with links to their Instagram accounts. From what we could see these appear to be some pretty down to earth names as their followers don’t all amount to loads but there are some figure competition winners in there.

There isn’t a whole lot of company information available but we like their humorous slogan – I lift, Ergo I am. Their mission statement type paragraph is pretty generic.

They are a company that has a lot of range when it comes to their customer base so they seem to be the real deal. We just couldn’t find anything to do with a money back guarantee.

ErgoDrive Ingredientsergodrive-ingredients

This is where we can really get to know this product.

The early signs are good – no proprietary blends make this a trustworthy company for a start. The serving schedule is not ideal though. They advise taking this in the form of 2 capsules, twice a day.

This means you will get a nice boost twice a day, but it is unlikely that your testosterone will be topped up all day long.

Time to see what goes into this supplement.

Vitamin D3

One of the best going and found in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

Studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D are linked to low testosterone. Therefore, this, combined with the fact that many of us are deficient makes it important to supplement it.

We actually create our own when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

The problem is, even though this is a great ingredient, they have only included 2,000 IU a day which isn’t enough to have a real effect on your T levels. It will give it a little boost but could be much more potent, starting with at least 3,000.


Another great ingredient this is so useful because it works on different levels. Arguably the best ingredient in the whole ErgoDrive review.

It is great for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone into your system. It is also good for ensuring your body doesn’t deplete T levels as much during intense workouts.

The fact that we cannot create more testosterone without it shows you how important it is.

The problem being this contains a huge 70 mg a day. Our upper daily limit is around 40 mg. This doesn’t give you any room for the Zinc already in your daily diet and puts you at risk of side effects.

According to WebMD taking too much Zinc can result in fever, coughing, stomach pain, fatigue, and many other problems.


Another clever inclusion this traditional medicine is a great aphrodisiac. This is particularly good for the mature demographic where libido can be a problem.

Not only that but this helps to regulate insulin levels. This, in turn, will stop your testosterone from being affected. The 600 mg in this product is a large amount that will do a lot of good in your body.

Purified Shilajit

Is Shilajit legit? It is a tar-like substance that has a reputation for being an all-round medicinal ingredient.

The research is very much lacking and ongoing but it might be good for improving semen count as well as reducing fatigue in the person taking it. The problem is these are maybes and we only really like to see proven ingredients in a supplement.


This will give your libido a boost but that’s where it starts and ends, unfortunately.

At least Fenugreek had multiple benefits like most of the other ingredients but unfortunately, this won’t be directly affecting your testosterone.

The 200 mg could be used on a better ingredient really.


Found in a lot of leafy greens like Kale it is a bit of a mixed bag.

The risk of this is that although it has been shown to reduce estrogen and raise testosterone, it has also been shown to do the opposite. Confusing eh?

It might free up your testosterone in this way but the concern is that it might go the wrong way.

At 200 mg it is a sensible dosage if it pulls it off.


Boron has it’s used and isn’t found in a lot of T boosters these days which is a bit of a shame in some ways.

There are other ingredients that is effective in the same way but it is good for stopping the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin from being so effective. This is what binds your T and stops it from being available for use.

There is early research to show it has potential for increasing prostate health slightly, but this is in its early stages.

6 mg is a good amount that will give you the benefits.

ErgoDrive Side Effects

If it wasn’t for the Zinc levels we wouldn’t be worried about this supplement.

We can’t ignore the fact that this will likely push you towards being double the daily tolerance limit when the Zinc in your diet comes into it.

The side effects from this can include fever, coughing, stomach pain, fatigue, and many other problems. Not what we’re after from a testosterone booster.

As always, check the label if you have any allergies.

ErgoDrive Review: Pros and Cons


  • Some good ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Low dosage of Vitamin D
  • Too much Zinc
  • Potential side effects
  • Serving schedule not ideal

ErgoDrive Review Conclusion

It annoys us when the bigger companies get it wrong because their name means they will probably still sell a lot of products.

It has some very good ingredients, don’t get us wrong. Vitamin D is a great place to start but of all the ingredients, this was the worst dosage. At 2,000 IU it doesn’t give you anywhere near enough.

The Fenugreek is a nice booster that will stabilize T levels and help you to keep more of it in your system.

The main problem lies in the Zinc dosage. We don’t understand why they have included so much. We’ve heard of potent dosages but this is excessive. The risk of side effects are quite prevalent because of this and it is the main reason we do not recommend this product.

All in all, this isn’t going to make it onto our top recommended testosterone booster list, but it wouldn’t be such a bad product if the Zinc was dosed better.

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