Elevate Cyclo Test Review – Anabolic Support by Infinite Labs

Elevate Cyclo Test


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  • Some useful ingredients
  • Some good dosages
  • No proprietary blends


  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Vitamin D3 dosage very low
  • Serving schedule not ideal

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Elevate Cyclo Test Review

If you’re after a fast working T booster for anabolic support, then our Elevate Cyclo Test review might reveal what you have been looking for.

This is because the people behind it claim you will feel a difference within 10 hours. This is a bold claim, but then we see bold claims all the time in this industry.

Can this be a product that ensures the creators are keeping their promises? If it is going to really impress, they are going to need to give us the following:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy

Anything less than this won’t do, Elevate Cyclo Tests own label says theirs will give us the following:

  • Increase Bioavailable testosterone
  • Lean mass development
  • Libido

All very well, if they can make it happen, let’s find out a little more about them first.

Elevate Cyclo Test Review: Who Makes Elevate Cyclo Test?Elevate Cyclo Test review of anabolic support supplement

This is actually a joint effort.

It’s from the people at Infinite Labs, but it’s a collaboration with Dr. Marvin A. Heuer who has practiced medicine for over 30 years.

They are based in Florida and were bought out in 2009. Their current owner has been in the industry since 2001 so surely there is a lot of expertise to be put to this product.

With such a big company comes a large reach and their supplements are found in many stores the world over. They have an impressive range of products with everything from Tribulus (not a great idea!) to Anti-Aromatase.

They have a money back guarantee which is good to see and you can get a replacement product or refund if you’re not happy with the results.

Time to see if this transfers into a great T booster.

Elevate Cyclo Test IngredientsElevate-Cyclo-Test-ingredients

Here we have the chance to really take a close look at this product.

The initial sign is good as there are no proprietary blends in sight. There is also the small matter of the suggested serving though. For us, Elevate Cyclo Tests is not ideal. They suggest taking 1 serving of 3 capsules a day. This isn’t enough to ensure your T is boosted all day long.

We prefer to see a product you can take 3-4 times a day to really spread out the T.

Vitamin D3

A great start and one of the ingredients you will find in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters. Possibly the best ingredient in this Elevate Cyclo Test review.

This is up there with the very best and for a good reason. Low levels of D3 are linked to low testosterone so combine this with the fact that many of us are deficient and you can see why it is so important to keep it topped up with a supplement.

Our bodies actually create their own D3 when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Unfortunately, it seems we aren’t getting enough rays.

The problem though is you need over 3,000 IU to really feel the benefit. This means the 600 IU from Elevate Cyclo Test is well under what you need.


Essentially Vitamin B3 that is thought to be good for insulin levels. Although this is good news for testosterone it is unlikely that the 30 mg included will have any effect.

Especially if you go by Examine.com who advise you need at least one gram for most of the benefits to take effect. This is also 5,000% of the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin B6

Another good ingredient this is great for stopping estrogen levels from creeping up. It stops the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin form taking as much effect which is great news for your T. Since so much of your body’s testosterone is bound by SHBG and therefore useless.

The 10.5 mg here will do nicely.


A very good selection once more.

This is another estrogen suppressant and one that will stop the SHBG from being as effective. This frees up the T you already have that is otherwise useless so these are the type of ingredients you should be looking for.

The 115 mg is a little on the low side but will still help things.


A great ingredient and one you will definitely find in our top recommended testosterone boosters.

In Fact, our bodies cannot create more testosterone without it.

It is good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. If some of the previous ingredients were good for getting your body’s current testosterone in a place where it can be used, then this one will help make more.

Zinc will stimulate the luteinizing hormone which then communicates with the testes to create and release more T into your system.

It is also good for ensuring your body doesn’t deplete its T levels during intense workouts.

The 4 mg here is nowhere near enough of what we need really.


A useful ingredient, this traditional medicine is good for boosting your libido but has other uses too.

This includes keeping insulin levels balanced. When they are unstable it is no good news for T levels so keeping them in check is always a good idea.

The 600 mg here is a good amount.


This might be a decent ingredient but it is generally thought that there are not enough studies to really support it as a T booster.

It might be good for aiding erection function as well as helping endurance but this is most likely to occur when the dosage is higher. Still, 500 mg is taking up a lot of room already.


It is thought that this ingredient inhibits estrogen which in turn will release more of your T that is bound but the trials are less than convincing. In some circumstances, this can actually increase estrogen which is not what we’re after.

Tribulus Terrestris

The wheels are falling off a little now as this ingredient is definitely one we look out for.

It was once the next big thing in terms of T boosting but further studies throughout the years have not been kind to this theory.

It is now often found in T boosters but based on old research, hence why we don’t like to see it.

There is a chance that the 120 mg might help libido but that’s it.

One of the worst ingredients in this Elevate Cyclo Test Review.


A good inclusion and you will find this in some decent supplements for a reason.

It is another that lowers the effects of SHBG. This is a product big on these types of ingredients which is never a bad thing.

10 mg included here is a decent amount.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

This is thought to be good for muscle recovery but to be honest, if they wanted to really do something about that they could have included some much better and proven ingredients.

With only 150 mg, it doesn’t seem as though they have placed much faith in this ingredient anyway. A trend for we have seen throughout this Elevate Cyclo Test review.


So this is better known as Melatonin and if you know anything about it, you will know it is an effective sleeping aid.

Sure, it will help combat jet lag and help you fall asleep quicker but what use is that to us? If you are being kind then you could say it will help to reduce the effects of stress but that’s us being generous.

Agaricus Bisporus

This might be decent for limiting estrogen but there aren’t enough studies to legitimately support this thus far.

Calcium Glucarate

This chemical that is found in various fruits and vegetables and according to WebMD it might be able to lower estrogen levels. We don’t like the word ‘might’ though.

Elevate Cyclo Test Side Effects

This is one thing that is going for this product, there doesn’t appear to be any side effects from using it as the ingredients and dosages seem fine.

Elevate Cyclo Test Review Pros and Cons


  • Some useful ingredients
  • Some good dosages
  • No proprietary blends


  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Vitamin D3 dosage very low
  • Serving schedule not ideal

Elevate Cyclo Test Review Conclusion

Whilst this had some early promise it ended up a little flat, to be honest.

The ingredients are for the most part pretty good with some key T booster¨s included. It was just the disappointing dosage of Vitamin D3 that really set it off to a bad start. There could be more Magnesium and Zinc is definitely underdosed.

They claim that you can feel a difference after just 10 hours. We have seen some much more potent T booster who advise the continuous use of days and even weeks before you start to really feel a difference.

This is a more honest approach and one we commend.

We did like that there are no proprietary blends or side effects from using this T booster. The problem was it had too much filler and not enough great dosages. Stick to the proven T boosters and you can’t go wrong. This just is not one of them.

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