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Affiliate Disclosure

I want to be completely open right from the start, as transparency is important when reviewing supplements and products you’re about to spend your hard earned cash on.

Under Federal Regulation, the Federal Trade Commission require disclosures on any relationships which result in any compensation, at any time.

So, I’m going to be honest in disclosing that I receive a commission for some of the products reviewed if you click through and choose to buy because CleanLeanMachine.com participates in various affiliate marketing programs.

Please rest assured that clicking the links on this website does not increase the cost or affect the price for any item you purchase – in fact, in some instances it actually applies a special discount to get you a great deal!

However, regardless of any commissions that help fund the upkeep of CleanLeanMachine.com, our goal first and foremost is to provide you with thorough research and evidence-based product reviews to allow you to make your own informed decision.

Where possible we discuss our own personal experiences with each product, but we also thoroughly research and take into account a whole range of factors including the scientific studies on ingredients and dosages, manufacturer reputation, reported side effects and more aspects to offer our objective opinion of the effectiveness of each product before you spend your money on it.

We review a lot of supplements and with 100% honesty, I can state:

If a product isn’t effective or the ingredients aren’t completely safe and natural – We DO NOT recommend it!

We are never paid to write a review.

We don’t even sign up as affiliates for manufacturers and products we don’t completely trust and recommend.┬áRegardless of the potential financial reward we could be earning by recommending some questionable products.

If it doesn’t work, we don’t recommend it.

If it causes side effects or isn’t natural, we don’t recommend it.

CleanLeanMachine.com is independently operated and owned and set up with the aim of helping our visitors achieve their optimum physique and mental state, so the opinions expressed on this website are our genuine beliefs, regardless of any affiliate commission.

If you found one of our honest reviews helpful and you are interested in purchasing the product – then clicking the link to the official product website may help keep CleanLeanMachine.com up and running.

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