The Curse Vs Pre Jym Pre-Workout Review

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The Curse vs Pre Jym Pre-Workout

Here we have two of the most popular pre-workouts on the market, and we are going to put them in a head to head to see how they compare. Our The Curse vs Pre Jym review will mean we will have a winner that we can compare against the best pre-workout supplements in the business.

Most popular doesn’t always mean better though, with so many supplements gaining a good reputation through their marketing, a lot of people do not know what goes into each supplement.

With so many pre-workouts out there, all of them promising the world. It is difficult to tell what is a good one. We are here to help you find out what makes a good pre workout.

You want a pre-workout that will help you to lift those killer weights. One that will help lift you out of the plateau that has been bothering you for a while. A good pre-workout will do all this and help to give you the body you have been after.

One of the first things you should look for are ingredients that give you a burst of energy. You will also find that any product that can help fight fatigue as well as increase your ability to focus is doing all the right things a pre-workout should.

Firstly let’s take a look at what each company has to offer and their reputation:

The Curse vs Pre Jym: Who Makes These Pre-Workout Supplements?

Cobra Labs

the curse pre workout review

Those who spend a lot of time in around the gym may have heard of this one before. They are one of the biggest supplements companies going, but does popular always mean better?

Their packaging sure is distinctive we will give them that, but it will take a lot more than that to impress us. We do like that their facilities are all FDA approved. It gives you that level of reassurance that they care about the process of making their products. Also, longevity is often a good sign, and these guys have been around since 2010.

They shift over a million bottles of The Curse a year. These are incredible numbers, it certainly caught our attention.

Their website is also the place to go to buy any of their merchandise and the list of other supplements they sell, but we will get to those and see if they are worthy of your time.

They (of course) say that their products are some of the best around, so we will take a closer look at the ingredients in the next section to see just how good they are.

Jym Supplement SciencePre JYM Pre Workout Review

The people behind Pre Jym are actually better described as a person – Jim Stoppani. Not your regular producer of supplements, the man is a doctor of Exercise Physiology, so he knows what he’s doing here.

There is a whole range of supplements on their site and many of them have good reputations and for good reason. We like that he is outspoken when it comes to proprietary blends, he doesn’t like them and doesn’t use them – something we can completely agree on there!

His products aren’t widely available from what we can see and there are only a select few places you can get your hands on them, but we prefer quality over quantity so we will see how effective the ingredients are before we judge.

The Curse vs Pre Jym Ingredients

This is where we really get to see the supplements true colors. They will only be as effective as the nutrients they include allows them to be.

There is an early disappointment here though as The Curse use proprietary blends. We are not a fan of these since they don’t disclose the full dosages of the ingredients. A proprietary blend has the total dosage of a handful of ingredients but you don’t get to see how effective each one is.

This can also be potentially dangerous since an ingredient that is dosed too high can come with some unwanted side effects.

It looks like it is an early advantage for Pre Jym, but let’s see just what they both have to offer.

Mutual Ingredients


Well, this is an ingredient that, although it does have its pre-workout benefits such as the ability to enhance your endurance, it isn’t without its downside.

Studies have shown that Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia. This is an irritating condition where your skin is itchy so if you are in the gym and experience this, it can distract your entire workout. Although the effects wear off it’s not a great start from either of these two.

Pre Jym contains 1.5 g but we don’t know how much is in The Curse since this ingredient is part of a proprietary blend.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Sure, this is obviously here to give you a real burst of energy, and we fully support its inclusion. It also has fat burning properties that will speed up your metabolism so it would even help you get cut along the way.

We prefer complimenting ingredients that help to stop you from crashing a few hours after using it such as L-Theanine. Although neither product here contains L-Theanine, a top pre-workout supplement such as 4 Gauge does.

The caffeine content is actually dosed for everyone to see in The Curse and at 155 mg it is a sensible amount. The 300 mg in Pre Jym means you should definitely not double scoop. And keep an eye on your caffeine consumption throughout the day.

Individual Ingredients

This is where we will get a clearer idea of which will be our winner, the unique ingredients that either make it a sensible purchase or worth avoiding.

The Curse

Creatine Monohydrate

It’s up there with the most well-known supplement ingredients and is often found in post workout shakes due to the miracles it can perform on your recovery. This is good, even getting it started during your workout can be beneficial for other reasons. Hence its inclusion here.

It has been known to give your energy a boost as well as enhance your strength – giving you the tools to lift more than ever before.

All this would be great if we could tell you how effective the dosage is. But because it is another ingredient that is part of a blend, we are not able to say.


Now, this is what we like to see from The Curse. A quality pre-workout ingredient based on the fact that it is good at ensuring your body can supply more blood flow to your tissues, meaning more oxygen in the blood – meaning bigger pumps for great gains.

Just how effective is the amount in The Curse? Who knows – it’s part of a proprietary blend!

Pre Jym


A compound that is similar to an amino acid, Taurine does have some decent attributes to support its inclusion. It is good at helping to protect your muscles from damage and helps with recovery. So, not just the ingredient you know from energy drinks!

Huperzine A

A good pre-workout ingredient as it helps to improve the strength of your muscles. That’s right, this gives a real potency to those muscles for lifting those bigger weights that have evaded you so far.

It is also a good nootropic as it has been proven to aid your cognition

The Curse vs Pre Jym Side Effects

You can’t argue with the fact that Beta-alanine can cause paresthesia so you might experience some itching. Which one is potentially worse here we cannot say since The Curse has it as part of a blend.

One thing we do know is that this is about as bad as it gets for both so it’s not too much to worry about. There are better supplements out there that have no side effects and all natural ingredients.

The Curse vs Pre Jym Pros and Cons

The Curse Pros

  • Some well selected ingredients
  • Energy boost
  • Well known brand

Pre Jym Pros

  • Stops fatigue from setting in
  • Gives you a real energy boost
  • Speeds up recovery

The Curse Cons

  • Proprietary blends are a shame
  • Some ingredients are ineffective when contained within a pre workout
  • Beta Alanine can cause paresthesia

Pre Jym Cons

  • High caffeine content
  • Beta Alanine that can cause paresthesia

The Curse vs Pre Jym Conclusion

Winner: Pre Jym

Well, it was close throughout in terms of ingredients and selection, but The Curse was on the backfoot from the start due to their use of Proprietary blends.

It seems bizarre to us that so many people would use products where they do not know how much of every ingredient was in it.

Pre Jym is a decent product that has selected some good ingredients such as Citrulline Malate and Creatine and the fact that they don’t use proprietary blends always works for them.

We’re not surprised that it beat The Curse in a head to head but it is not one of the best we have seen…

If you want a proven pre-workout that has no side effects due to the inclusion of natural, and proven pre-workout ingredients (most at optimal dosages as well), then you might want to check out 4 Gauge, the best we have seen.

To read more about this brilliant pre-workout, then head to our in-depth review.

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