Scientific Bulking Guide: Building Lean Muscle Mass This Winter

Scientific Bulking Guide - Building lean muscle mass this winter

Scientific Bulking Guide To Building Lean Muscle Mass This Winter There’s so much nonsense, myth and mystery around building muscle, so it’s about time for a scientific bulking guide, especially as, queue Game of Thrones impression: Winter is coming… There’s a sense of time-urgency to physique training: you want to look good when it’s time to look good.  This usually coincides with the “off season” for bodybuilders. But for the rest of us it’s more about having the confidence for beach trips and hot summer days. This means that we tend to worry about gaining weight in winter, when hoodies […]

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Power Training: Is it Safe for Kids? [Busting Myths & Proving Benefits]

Power training - is it safe for kids/children?

Power Training: Is it Safe for Kids? If you have a kid that’s involved in sports, you want the best for them. Power training is an area of sport and fitness that often sounds scarier than it is – especially when it is your kid doing it. We get it – you’re concerned. However, it’s a huge part of the way we build athletes, it’s way safer than you probably think, and it’s something your kid definitely already does in their own time! Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of power training, how it should be handled, and […]

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Is Power Training Safe for the Elderly? [Avoid Injury for Maximum Health]

Is power training safe for the elderly?

Is Power Training Safe for the Elderly? Power training hasn’t been discussed enough, despite being one of the best ways to improve the quality of life/mobility as you age. Still, is power training safe to the elderly? It might be treated as something saved for the prime of your 20s, but power training has an important role in everyone’s life and that goes double for healthy aging. If you’re anywhere between 30 and 130, this article is for you and your long-term wellbeing! We’re going to take you through the basics of how to deal with power training for health, […]

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Is CrossFit really worth it?

Is CrossFit Really Worth It? CrossFit has taken the world by storm. Many celebrities are promoting it, gyms are advertising this fitness craze, social media are full of CrossFit workout pics. You see all those amazing looking people doing some pretty intense workout and you wish to look just like them. But is CrossFit really worth it? If you Google it, you find that opinions clash. Some say that it’s the best type of training ever while others say that it’s awful and bad for you. It might be really hard for you to decide whether to start practising CrossFit […]

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Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review

Boss Workouts Boss Lean Mass Review

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review If you aren’t already using a fitness program then you could be missing out on some huge gains that you just can’t get on your own. This is why we have created a Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review to see whether you really can get big and build lean muscle mass with this course. The fact is, this really is the best program available. It has everything you need in terms of the program itself, as well as value. You just can’t get what they are offering anywhere else and believe us when […]

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review We are about as tired of bad workout courses as we are of bad habits. That’s why we have compiled our Boss Workouts: Boss Shred review to show you just what is possible and how you can get the ripped and toned body you always dreamed of. That’s right, the sky really is the limit, this is a fitness program that has been proven to deliver the tools for you to work for a body that is the envy of the fitness pros. Having looked at and participated in many fitness programs, we have never […]

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How To Avoid Common Deadlift Injuries


Don’t make these deadlifting mistakes Deadlifts – the compound exercise of BEASTS, But like all weightlifting, deadlifts require good technique so we are going to look at how to avoid common deadlift injuries! If done incorrectly you can incur some minor and even major injuries that are all too common. Remember Bruce Lee?  Of course you remember Bruce Lee. Be water my friend, and don’t injure your back doing back exercises like Bruce… Preparing in advance can help you to cut out the mistakes and help you to reach your goals. Since it is one of the few core exercises that […]

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How To Build Upper Body Strength FAST!


How to speed up your upper body strength gains When looking to build your upper body, you will need to do exercises that please the small muscle fibers that make up this part of your anatomy. Here we will look at how to speed up your upper body strength gains. The best way to achieve this quickly is through working a lot of the muscle groups at the same time and making sure you keep up your training whilst allowing yourself to rest properly in between sessions. But that’s not all there is to it… Here is a more in […]

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How To Be Beach Body Ready All Year Round

How to be beach body ready all year round

‘Beach Body Ready’ controversy Ladies and gentleman, despite the massive offence causing London Underground weight loss supplement ads in 2015, it’s ok to admit it, we would all love to look ‘Beach Body Ready’ all year round. This is why we have decided to discuss how to be beach body ready all year round. You no longer have to pretend that you don’t care, as chances are that most of the people you know want the same too! Sure, it’s important to be comfortable and confident in your own body regardless of how you look… We’re NOT trying to tell […]

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How to Make Your Calf Muscles GROW


Turn Those Chicken Legs Into Sprinter’s Calves to be Proud of Calves are often an under trained muscle in a lot of people’s workouts. Here we will find out how to make your calf muscles grow. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, whether you have legs like an insect or a mule you should be interested in what calves can do for your lower body. There is a big emphasis on genetics when it comes to calves with many people believing there is only so much you can about this part of your body. They can strengthen the […]

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