Can Testosterone Kill You?

can testosterone kill you?

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Can Testosterone Kill You?

You might have talked to your gym buddy or seen a news article that scared you but can testosterone kill you?

This seems to be the question on many people lips as the debate over T’s safety is something that many people seem to know very little about. Well, to put it simply – too much of anything can kill you. But also consider this, too little can also have negative effects.

Over the course of this article we will be taking a look at why people ask can testosterone kill you, consider some thoughts on safety and even look at if there are some 100% safe testosterone boosters out there.

The reasons for taking testosterone supplements are numerous, especially for anyone around the age of 30 onwards. This is when our T levels drop year on year for the rest of our lives! Supplementing it, therefore, is important.

The benefits of optimum testosterone levels include:

  • Enhanced energy
  • More strength
  • Increased libido
  • More muscle
  • Less body fat

All this is pointless though if it isn’t safe, so we are asking can testosterone kill you?

Testosterone Side Effects

It takes a lot for anyone to show signs of too much T in their system but just some of the side effects are as follows:

Too Much Estrogen

Yes, you heard that right, this is what we are trying to reduce right? Well, one of the lesser known side effects of too much T is an increase in estrogen. If you have too much T, your body doesn’t need it and it turns into estrogen.

So if you notice your gains are turning into man boobs, this could be why. Also look out for high blood pressure and mood swings as a result.

A good testosterone booster, however, should have estrogen suppressants in it that will counter this.


There has been a link between your testosterone levels and the health of your prostate for a while now.

The fact is, the link between prostate growth, cancers and high levels of testosterone has since been discredited. There doesn’t appear to be a substantial level of prostate growth from high levels of testosterone.

If you have a family related history of prostate cancer, we urge you to consult your doctor before taking anything.

Can Testosterone Kill You?

Well, to answer this question plainly again – low levels of testosterone might be just as likely to kill you.

With many studies now pointing to the fact that medium levels of T are the optimal amount for a longer life, low and high levels might not be ideal. Combine this though, with the fact that most men are deficient in their level of T and boosting it is likely to bring you up to the optimal amount if you are in the over 30’s age demographic.

This is because our T levels decline year on year from that age.

Common signs of low testosterone are fatigue, low sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction, depression, irritability and lower muscle mass.

Around half of all men over 40 have lower than average T levels. So the above is more likely to be stressful for your health. Stress is often linked to an early grave so as always, it seems that everything will kill you these days!

In fact, it is often thought that the lower your testosterone levels are year on year, the higher the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The most prominent cause of osteoporosis is a lack of testosterone. It is a very important for your bone density so to stop yourself from being at risk of broken bones later in life, keep your T levels topped up! Can testosterone kill you? The opposite is more likely.


This is a strange study that has shown men with higher testosterone levels tend to be more open to risky behaviors such as smoking, drugs and sexual behavior.

This is strange for us though since most of the people we come across who use T boosters, in particular, seem to be body and health conscious. Often they would prefer to be mindful over what they eat and drink and do, rather than take unnecessary risks.

How Can I Safely Top Up My Testosterone?

This is the question we get asked all the time and our answer is always the same – use a proven testosterone booster that has all natural ingredients such as TestoFuel.

This is a product that doesn’t have anything in it that you wouldn’t want in your system and boosts testosterone safely and effectively.

On top of that, it has all of the top testosterone boosting ingredients you would want. The great thing is – it is a boost so no dosages are dangerous or will increase your testosterone to anywhere near the level that could be dangerous.

The benefits we found taking TestoFuel include:

  • Noticeable muscle growth
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe for competition
  • Reliable source for increasing T
  • Amazing reviews
  • No side effects
  • Worldwide shipping

So, to summarise, it would take a lot of testosterone to kill you, and we haven’t found any reports of people actually dying from too much T.

Levels of testosterone that are considered high might shorten your life expectancy. But for this to be the case you would need to consume a lot more than what a testosterone booster will give you.

For many people, the confidence boost that comes with the gains and enhanced physique as a result of using T boosters is something that cannot be achieved from anywhere else safely and legally.

The safest thing you can do to increase your testosterone levels is consuming a product that is safe, proven to work and with 100% natural ingredients. If you would like to find out more about our top-rated testosterone booster, check out our in-depth TestoFuel review.


Can Testosterone Cause Anxiety?

Your T is influential in your body no doubt, you wouldn’t be able to get such amazing gains without something so potent.

It isn’t fair to say that testosterone itself causes anxiety, in fact, low testosterone has been linked to anxiety and related feelings of tension, depression, fatigue, fearfulness, mood problems.

This is why stress and anxiousness can take a hold of you the older you get. One of the best ways of reversing this is with testosterone.

So, many people actually recommend testosterone to treat anxiety. 

Can Testosterone Cause Lymph Nodes?

There isn’t any evidence readily found to suggest testosterone causes lymph nodes to swell. In fact, you might be more likely to be affected when your body is low on testosterone according to www.ncbi.nlm.

There is no notable evidence to suggest your immune system suffers when taking testosterone. If you look up the causes of swollen lymph nodes you are unlikely to find anything related to testosterone.

Can Testosterone Cause Acne?

First of all, it could be no more than a coincidence if you notice acne forming whilst using testosterone. Consider if it is something that you often get as a result of a poor diet or just something you suffer from sometimes.

This being said, one of the ways some people do get acne can be from hormone changes, including that of T.

It can encourage your glands to produce more sebum than your skin is used to. If bacteria finds its way into a pore then you could find yourself with an odd pimple or a minor outbreak. Women are often more likely to suffer from an outbreak since the hormone balance changes more drastically.

This being said, this is often only the case when excessive testosterone is found in your system. A testosterone booster should supply just that – a boost, not get your T levels skyrocketing. Certainly not beyond what your body should be able to cope with.

TestoFuel is the premium T booster that has a sensible, yet optimal dosage of all ingredients that will give you a boost of testosterone, without compromising your health.


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