Can Pre Workout Make You Ill?

Can pre workouts make you ill?

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Can Pre Workout Make You Ill?

We sometimes get asked can pre workout make you ill? This questions make us wonder what angle is this question coming from? Is the person asking worried about using them for the first time? Or have they just used a product that has potential side effects?

It seems like a good time to finally put this question to bed.

The answer of course is – It depends!

Now, hear us out, it really is about what type of product you are looking at. Have you done your research? Are you looking for a quality product? To be sure, you want to buy a proven pre-workout like one of our top recommended pre-workouts. Anything else could make you feel ill.

People take pre-workouts for a number of reasons including:

  • To maximize their training intensity – Train harder and for an even longer amount of time to build up your stamina
  • Lift bigger weights – Something everyone wants, especially if you have plateaued like many people do
  • Increase focus – There’s nothing worse than taking too long in between sets, sitting on your phone, get the most out of every session
  • Enhance muscle pumps – Really feel it in your muscles as every rep feels like a huge pump and increase those swells

There are though a number of factors here and we are going to look into them in a bit more depth. First up:

You Haven’t Built Up Your Tolerance

Part of the problem is not necessarily the ingredients, it is how you react to them.

Since a pre-workout will often contain stimulants such as caffeine (as they should, you want to be pumped walking into the gym) you need to build up your tolerance.

A lot of supplement companies will recommend taking smaller steps, to begin with, lower dosages, then build your way up to not only ensure you feel ok but to maximize the effects.

Too much caffeine too soon can give you jitters and headaches amongst other things so take it slow, to begin with. Check you haven’t gone in too deep too fast before you consider asking can pre workout make you ill?

Proprietary Blends

This is where a supplement does not reveal all of the dosages and contains multiple ingredients within one overall blend.

This might be why some people are asking can pre workout make you ill? A dangerous approach since it is important to know all of the dosages, if something is dosed too highly it can cause side effects, too low and it will be ineffective.

There are plenty of effective pre-workouts such as 4 Gauge that does not contain proprietary blends and has all their effective ingredients dosed optimally.

Can pre workout make you ill?: Pre Workout Ingredients to Avoid

pre workout ingredients to avoidThis might be why many people ask can pre-workout make you ill – there are plenty of ingredients you want to look out for on the label. If you see any of these you should stay away from it.

These are the main culprits of side effects from pre workouts:


Sometimes referred to as Bitter Orange and although you are more likely to see this in a fat burner because of its ability to burn fat. Still, it is still not uncommon to see it in pre-workouts. This is the sort of ingredient that has people asking can pre workout make you ill?

It has other benefits that might work in a pre-workout, although studies are not concrete on this anyway. The problem here isn’t whether it works or not though. It is the fact that the potential side effects that according to include fainting, stroke heart attack, headaches and high blood pressure.

The chances of any of these are increased when taken alongside stimulants such as caffeine, as it often will be.


If you aren’t aware of this ingredient already then the first thing to say is that it has been banned in many countries and sporting organizations. This alone should be cause for concern and the USA has even banned it.

It is one of the first things we look for in any supplement as it can cause rapid heartbeat, nausea, and high blood pressure.


An ingredient that we never like to see once again.

It is derived from the bark of the tree of the same name from Western Africa. It is a well known aphrodisiac.

This is one ingredient that might be able to help in the area of libido. But in terms of side effects can be very off putting. These include anxiety, depression, nausea, nervousness, restlessness and more.

As far as we are concerned, even if it gave you the best workout experience of your life, the side effects are more than enough to put us off any product that includes Yohimbine. Can pre workout make you ill? – Yohimbine can.

Can Pre Workout Make You Ill With Too Many Stimulants?

It is important to not only look out for certain ingredients but also dosages.

Everyone is different and by that, we mean their tolerance differs. With this in mind, you should build up your tolerance to stimulants such as caffeine as we mentioned earlier. Sometimes though, even the most avid coffee drinkers can have too much.

This is what you need to look out for. These supplements often disguise poor ingredients with lots of caffeine making you feel buzzed, but really it isn’t doing much else for you.

Any caffeine content that goes over 200 – 300 mg per serving should be avoided.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on any other supplements you’re taking that might include stimulants. The same applies if you’re drinking caffeine too.

Because it works so quickly it is often a go-to ingredient, it definitely has its benefits and the best pre workouts will include stimulants. However, they will also dose them correctly. Remember everyday half the people you know are probably consuming as much caffeine in a pre-workout.

The Best Ingredients

This is how you can take action to make sure you are not asking can pre-workout make you ill again. Choosing a supplement based on quality ingredients is the best way of ensuring you do not get any side effects.

The better ingredients are not only safe but have lots of benefits and will deliver what you are looking for to support your workout.

Some of these include the following:


pre workout ingredients, caffeine, caffeina dn pre workouts, best pre workoutYes, we thought it was best to start with this one.

A good pre-workout supplement will include a sensible amount that will get you pumped without causing you to crash in the afternoon and not suffer headaches etc.

Anything up to 200 mg per serving will serve you well.

But you don’t just want a mega hit of caffeine from a pre workout to give you a false sense of feeling like it’s giving you benefits when in reality you could have just had an espresso. When dosed well, you wont be asking can pre workout make you ill?


This is the ingredient to look out for when you see caffeine in a supplement.

Any pre-workout that combines this and caffeine knows what they are doing. Simply because this ingredient has calming effects that give you a controlled feeling even with the caffeine in your system.

This can make all the difference to how you perform in the gym. Making you feel in control. It should be no surprise that it is often linked to reducing stress and any dosage of 1-200 mg is what you should be looking for.

Like we said, only the best pre-workouts combine both Caffeine and L-Theanine, this includes our top recommended supplement 4 Gauge, which really is a pre-workout that works.

Creatine Monohydrate

You want an energy boost in a pre-workout, tick. But you also want something to help you with muscle repair, enter creatine.

This isn’t exclusive to post workouts, but the benefits work both ways.

Your body will start to break down muscle from the first rep onwards so having creatine in your system will begin the recovery process immediately. It provides you with extra muscle endurance, as well as an energy boost.

If taking a pre-workout alongside a post workout shake, then just keep an eye on the creatine content. An optimal dosage in a pre-workout can be anything up to 5,000 mg.

Can Pre Workout Make You Ill FAQ

Can Pre Workout Make You Feel Sick?

An old question for sure, can pre workout make you feel sick and the answer of course isn’t as simple as yes or no.

It will be different depending on the person, and of course the product. The better supplements will not make you feel anything other than super charged and ready to smash the gym. But as always, there are exceptions.

As well as this there are things to look out for in a pre workout to make sure you avoid. Some ingredients can be seriously detrimental to your health and that is not specific to any one type of person, it can mean anyone.

With so many pre workouts on the market, there are a whole load of horror stories of people taking to google and asking can pre workout make you feel sick – all because they took a dodgy supplement.

We encourage everyone to read up on a pre workout, including the ingredients before they purchase anything. You need to know what it is that you are putting in your body and not just go by the best looking package. Even not going for the best slogan that promises you the best results.

The facts don’t lie, and that goes for the ingredients and dosages. These will tell you most of what you need to know in terms of a good or bad pre workout that can make you sick or not. Even still, there are some other things to consider.

All in all, a pre workout can make you feel sick, but that is most likely because the product itself isn’t high quality due to the poor ingredients profile. Or you might need to take a lower dosage to begin with to build up your tolerance.

Can Pre Workout Cause Depression?

A good pre workout will never include ingredients that could cause these type of side effects, or any side effects for that matter.

Some of what appear to be the better pre workout supplements on the market can include ingredients such as Yohimbine. This has been proven to cause such side effects as depression. But also some that have similar effects or negative effects to your mood.

These include, nervousness, restlessness, nausea, irritability and more.

So, in truth, some ingredients included in pre workouts can cause depression. Just not in any that we recommend.

If you suspect that a pre workout is making you feel this way, we recommend that you stop using it immediately and consult your Doctor.

Can Pre Workout Make You Itchy?

If it contains the wrong ingredients it is possible that a pre workout can make you feel itchy.

One of the ingredients you sometimes see in a pre workout is Beta-Alanine. This might be the culprit if you experience a tingling or itching particularly on the back of the hands and your face, this is known as paresthesia. Beta-Alanine is an ingredient you won’t find in any of the supplements we recommend.

Although this is more of a mild inconvenience compared to some of the other poor ingredients you sometimes find, you still don’t want to be stood around scratching yourself silly in the gym.

This isn’t the only issue we have with this ingredient when finding it in a pre workout. The fact that it isn’t very effective either makes it worse. It does not give any extra boost to your intense workouts, or any added strength so to find it in a pre workout is a waste, and an inconvenience.

We should advise once more, that this is relatively harmless and will not cause any long term side effects, it’s just annoying!

The better pre workout supplements will not contain ingredients that make you itch.

Can Pre Workout Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Depends as always on the ingredients.

A supplement that ignores the advise of even the enforcers such as the FDA can put your health at risk. It is not uncommon for a supplement that contains DMAA to cause erectile dysfunction.

You don’t need to spend long searching in a forum for accounts of people that have experienced erectile dysfunction. This is crazy since it is banned in the USA among other countries so the fact that some products still contains DMAA baffles us at CLM.

DMAA decreases the amount of nitric oxide in your blood which stops it from flowing so effectively. This is why it is thought to cause problems in this area.

On top of this DMAA is known to cause heart and breathing related problems, so this could be the least of your worries. The FDA in particular are trying to make sure that no products containing this ingredient make it to market, but you will be surprised how many poor supplements still include it. An ingredient to keep an eye out for, and avoid.

Although DMAA isn’t the only ingredient that could cause erectile dysfunction, it is mainly an example of how a less than desirable ingredient can be found in sub par pre-workouts. Choose a good one like our top recommended 4 Gauge to eliminate this possibility,

The best pre workouts will not contain DMAA, and we do not vouch for any supplement that does.

Can Pre Workout Kill You?

If taken properly, there is an incredibly low chance that any pre workout can go that far. If the ingredients were to be abused. Maybe someone taking it was trying to show off and take 20 scoops instead of the recommended amount. This could cause serious harm, but in the same way that taking 20 paracetamol can harm you.

The caffeine content in a pre workout is usually a high enough amount to give you a boost, some energy and increased motivation in the gym. But if taken in ultra excess this alone can be dangerous. It’s like asking if drinking 50 coffees can kill you.

The best and even the less desirable pre-workouts will 99% of the time dose their stimulants to a sensible amount, just stick to the recommended servings and you will be fine.

There are some ingredients that we would say are more dangerous than others. These have all been covered above in the ingredients to avoid section. But the dosages will most likely be low enough that you won’t experience the worst side effects.

The best pre-workouts on the market won’t contain anything that can cause side effects, just stay within the recommended servings guidelines like with anything.

Can Pre-Workout Give You Headaches?

A pre-workout that has not be dosed sensible can give you side effects including headaches. Even having too much caffeine can give you these sort of side effects.

The problem is often that people new to taking pre-workouts haven’t built up their tolerance as we advised at the start of the above article.

Even so, some ingredients are more prone to causing side effects than others. The better pre-workout supplements are usually made from 100% natural ingredients. At optimal and safe dosages so you won’t need to worry when using them.

It is always a good idea to keep a check on how much coffee you are drinking. As well as the caffeine content of other supplements you might be taking. If you are using a pre-workout and having 3 cups of coffee in the morning and a couple of red bulls throughout the day, it is highly likely that you are consuming too much caffeine and should look to decrease the amount somewhere.

Like with every possible side effects – can pre workout give you headaches? Yes, but only the products that you should stay away from anyway will. Build your tolerance up slowly. Then reap the rewards that using an effective and properly dosed pre-workout can provide and you will not regret a thing.

The Best Pre Workout

4 Gauge Pre Workout Supplement, best pre workout

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This ultimately is the solution to the question: Can pre workout make you ill? If the best pre-workout won’t give you side effects, then that is what you should be looking at.

Fortunately our top recommended pre workout 4 Gauge ticks every box that we have covered today, and believe us when we say this – no other pre-workout we have seen can deliver the results in the same way.

We have seen 100s of pre-workouts and they all fall down in one way or another. Some use proprietary blends, some use ineffective ingredients. Some low dosages, and some dangerous ingredients. The good thing about 4 Gauge, is that it is not guilty of any of these things.

When looking for an energy increase without the side effects, this is the best we have experienced. So, a pre-workout can make you feel ill – but 4 Gauge will not.

Read our full 4 Gauge Review

Just a handful of the benefits I have personally experienced using 4 Gauge include:

  • Huge Muscle Pumps
  • More Focus
  • A ton of energy
  • Increased Strength
  • Zero Side Effects

To find out more about the rewards that using this top pre-workout offers, check out our in-depth 4 Gauge review.

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