Burning Fat to Build Lean Muscle Mass – Avoid These Mistakes


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Are you making these common mistakes when trying to burn fat and build lean muscle?

Burning Fat to Build Lean Muscle Mass isn’t easy. With too much advice out there tailored towards the masses there is a sea of information available but you might feel like you’re drowning.

So many articles and trainers these days are slipping you bits of information about the latest lean muscle mass building trends and fat burning fads and all you really need is to be fed a few straight facts.

When you’re burning fat to build lean muscle mass there are a few common mistakes that will make your goals difficult to achieve.

Here are some of the most common things to AVOID…

Reducing Protein from the Diet

When hitting the treadmill hard, you need the energy to do it sure, and you’re probably changing a lot of things when it comes to your diet to ensure that you see the benefits. This is all fine, as long as you are still consuming good levels of quality protein.

Burning Fat to Build Lean Muscle Mass is easier when your remove the excess fat over time. Still, you want to make sure your muscle isn’t suffering as a result. The nutrition is very significant if you want to lose fat but not muscle.

Overdoing the Cardio

Everyone is different, your shape and size and metabolism and progress are all unique to you. Therefore, the amount of cardio necessary to see the results you want will vary. You need to get the balance right if you want your fat burning to be just that, and not muscle killing as well.

The amount of cardio isn’t the only thing to consider, the type of cardio matters as well. Long jogs on the treadmill increases your cortisol levels which will mean your protein synthesis will be reduced – the exact opposite of what you want.

Instead try short fast bursts on the treadmill. Interval training – sprinting for 10 seconds, slowing down for 20 keeping this up for 15 minutes will burn the fat that you want and will save you a lot of time!

The right weights workout will burn a lot of calories in itself, you might find that your cardio sessions need to only be a bit part of your gym workout. By simply choosing good foods and doing a limited amount of cardio but a good amount of intense lifting. This alone can give surprising results.

The Slow Workout

Avoid this if you are looking to burn fat and build muscle. If you are the kind of person who has 3 hours to kill in the gym, I envy your excess free time, I really do. But it might be an idea to spend less of it in the gym and changing your workout.

It is unlikely that you are working at 100% every time you are lifting for 2-3 hours. It is better for building muscle and burning fat to workout as intensely and explosively as possible! You will build more muscle if you increase the weight not the reps. Much like increasing the intensity of your cardio means you save time and it is better for both fat burning and muscle building.

Lifting Lighter Weights for More Reps

One myth when it comes to fat burning in the gym is that to complement your cardio, you should lift weights in longer sets but smaller weights – bad idea. This is detrimental to your muscle mass.

The best way of increasing your muscle is to maintain. Whatever weight you are doing keep it up, don’t drop down to get toned, your muscle mass will decrease as a result. Lifting the same weights will tell your body to use what is inside to go towards building muscle, not to burn off fat and muscle.

Looking at burning fat to build lean muscle mass? This isn’t the way.

Ideally you will want to carry on your progress as if you were looking to increase the weight you’re lifting to continue to build muscle gains. At the very least you should be maintaining the same level.

Finally: Not Planning Your Pre and Post Workout Meals

A lot of people fall down when it comes to this. If you are putting the right proteins into your body within an hour before and after your workout, your muscles will not starve.

After a workout your muscles still need nutrition if you are looking to build lean muscle and burn fat. The right protein – whatever you choose will help your body to not eat away at your muscle after a good cardio and weights session.


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