Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review – Female Fitness Model Body Guide

Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review

It doesn’t matter if summer is approaching, we all want the sexiest body we can have NOW! This is why we have compiled our Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn review. To solve the problem that many of us have – motivation.

It’s not just that though, it’s also knowing the right things to do, the best exercises, what to eat and how to keep ourselves accountable…

Boss Shape & Burn Review Fitness Model Figure


Here is the fitness program, Boss Shape & Burn that has it all from the people at Boss Workouts.

If you are looking for an app or workout guide to help you burn fat and achieve a fitness model figure, then this is the program that we regard as the best in the business. But why?

With an industry that is flooded with quickly put together unprofessional videos from wannabes, you would be forgiven for believing that all of these types of programs are the same.

Until now. What is it in our Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn review that we found makes it so good?

Let’s take a look…

Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review: Who Makes This Program?

Roar Ambition

When looking at a fitness program you want to make sure it is from a professional source. And this is.

The UK and US-based company Roar Ambition have an excellent reputation in the supplements and fitness industry. They create some of the best products on the market, using natural ingredients.

The internet is full of great testimonials for their range of products that are used and endorsed by some impressive names.

None other than former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to TestoFuel, their testosterone booster. Their fat burner Instant Knockout is used by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez.

They are one of the rare companies that review and amends their ingredients regularly to ensure their customers are getting the best product possible. 

And you can see they’ve put the same level of attention to detail into producing Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn…

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review: What Is Shape and Burn?boss-shape-and-burn

This is the fitness program to get your fitness model body the way you have always wanted it, in just 12 weeks.

Designed by industry experts it has everything you need to breeze through the program and has plenty of extras to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you just want to tone up or lose fat or both, this is the program that will deliver sexy results, by guiding you through everything you need to know and do.

Hiring a PT week in week out can be expensive, this is your opportunity to get the highest PT level sessions to help you reach your dream goals.

There are only high-quality videos, and we mean they are sharp and done in a professional environment. This isn’t filmed in someone’s spare room. The setting and people in each video are motivational and really get you pumped and enthused to take action.

On top of all the videos, you also get diet and nutrition plans along with a recipe eBook to help you stay on course.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review: How Does It Work?

The program is basically made of 3 different phases that are easy to follow and each serves a specific purpose.

Phase 1 is Lift and Tone. This will get you to build your energy levels and focus on lower volume. This is the foundation on which you will build upon. This is to ensure you get the perfect body by building on good habits.

Phase 2 is Strength and Curve. Here you will get that amazing muscle shape and amazing tone that is the envy of everyone else. It focuses on the all important places such as legs, butt, back and abs – just the like the professionals.

Phase 3 is Blast and Build. Get rid of that last bit of fat now as you focus on gaining strength and adding the final touches to your bikini body.

One of the biggest plus points for us is how professional it is. They have spent a long time tailoring this program to include a great list of workouts. The time and effort put into production really is the best we have seen.

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Boss Workouts Shape & Burn Review: Who Is the Trainer?


Niki Zager is one of the USA’s most heralded female fitness professionals. With over a decade of experience in competing in the areas of Bikini, Sports, and Athletics she is well respected and is the perfect person to take you through the sessions.

Consider her your personal coach. She has so much experience in that area as well as competitive swimming and professional cheerleading, she has certainly put her expertise to a range of fields.

Working at the highest level for some time she has a lot of influence and respect in the industry and has transformed many peoples bodies around the world.

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Boss Workouts Shape & Burn Review: What Is Involved?

Well, it’s important to state in our Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn review that you must have access to a gym (or standard gym equipment) to complete this course.

Boss Shape & Burn isn’t an at-home fitness DVD that is outdated and means you have to motivate yourself in your own home.

boss shape and burn review what is involved

This means you need to get out to the gym and be among other motivated people. In order to truly have a professional fitness model body, you need access to weights.

Shaping and building muscle is a must here to achieve an unbelievable strong and sexy body.

This is NOT a program that is going to get you looking bulky or in anyway like a bodybuilder.

When reading the guides, reviewing the program and watching each of the course videos it’s clear that this is specifically designed to give you a sexy feminine fitness model appearance.

Boss Shape & Burn Review – The Phases


In Phase 1, you will be doing 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks.

Here you will be doing a lot of squat, lunge and hip lunge movements. These will give you the foundations and the beginnings of the strength you need.

The videos here are specifically tailored to focus on burning fat. As well as giving you the right curves in the right places.

Phase 2 is where you will step things up a little. The focus now is on volume. This will result in getting some real shape in specific muscle groups. The intensity of these workouts is where you will get the real change.

This is the phase where you will really notice a difference by the end of this 4 week period. The experts will teach you technique and how to approach each exercise to get maximum results.

Phase 3 now and this is where you will really step things up. Your calorie intake will actually increase as you build muscle but burn fat.

All the advice you need on the right foods and nutrients are provided.

There are a lot of upper and lower body exercises in this section. The movements are all tailored towards delivering results. This phase even has some of the more advanced sessions to help you to really help you smash your goals.

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Boss Workouts Shape & Burn Review: Is It Easy to Follow?

The step by step guides are so easy to follow, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. Everything is not only explained but showed to you as well.

When using this program you definitely get the feeling that Boss Workouts understand the user.  They know it can be daunting when you try a new exercise as everything is fed to you at a great pace. The great thing is, you can pause and rewind and watch the videos from any device – either your computer or from their smartphone app.

It is important that it is easy to follow because this is where you can pick up injuries. That’s something you really don’t want, to be set back weeks or even months.

Not only are the videos awesome, but the eBook guides are really easy to understand, beautifully designed and really help you learn without being overwhelmed and feeling in over your head.

Once you have bought the program you get access for life, so you can go back and do it all over again at any time.

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Boss Workouts Shape & Burn Review: What Else Do I Get?

This for us is the most impressive part of the program. You get so much with it that most other programs don’t even come close to offering.

Not only do you get all 14 videos which total 110 minutes but you get a whole lot of extras. This includes downloadable e-books such as a nutrition guide, 73-page training guide and even a recipe guide with vegetarian and vegan suggestions thrown in as a bonus too just in case you’re sticking to a plant-based diet.

There are training logs that you can download that are easy to use. This is a great tool as you can track your progress. Also, look back and see how far you have come. 

Boss Shape & Burn even includes tools to calculate nutrition. I found these super useful, especially through the Android app on my phone!

Boss Workouts App

Boss Workouts Review - Boss Shape & Burn Recipe Guide in App

Recipe Guide Screenshots – Boss Workouts App

This is fairly basic, but simple is all you need. The tools are easy to use and access and the guides are beautifully designed and simple to understand.

You can access other workout guides like Boss Lean Mass or Boss Shred from here too if you’ve bought more than one program.

Loading Speed In App

The first time viewing videos or the eBooks can take a while to load as you need to wait for them to be downloaded to your device, it might look like nothing is happening and there’s no progress in the loading bar at first but give it a few seconds and a slick designed guide or video will load. After you’ve downloaded each material the first time, it stays on your phone and is quick and easy to view again whenever you need, as you’d expect.

Boss Shape & Burn really is the most complete program we have seen for getting a fitness model, professional body.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shape & Burn Review: Final Thoughts

Boss Workouts Shape & Burn Review Conclusion

We couldn’t get enough of Boss Shape & Burn.

It is so professional and unbelievably easy to follow.

Boss Shape & Burn will get you results.

It has everything you need, all the tools, all the motivation and all the guides to help you to get that body that is the envy of everyone else.

Best still, it is the body you want and can achieve thanks to Boss Workouts Shape & Burn. That fitness model physique is but a few clicks away and we can’t recommend this enough.

To some, the price tag might seem high for an online workout guide, but if you were to pay for a couple of Personal Training sessions you’d exceed this price point easily and have less to show for it. So for a one-off payment you have lifetime access to the nutrition guides, workout guides, personal training videos and extra tools available any time via the website or app – bargain!

The extras that come with alone are worth the price in our opinion. It just so happens that you get the excellent videos to help you to reach your goals. Get it, and change your physique in the way you have wanted to, but haven’t been sure how.

Boss Shape & Burn Review Conclusion

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