Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review

We are about as tired of bad workout courses as we are of bad habits. That’s why we have compiled our Boss Workouts: Boss Shred review to show you just what is possible and how you can get the ripped and toned body you always dreamed of.

That’s right, the sky really is the limit, this is a fitness program that has been proven to deliver the tools for you to work for a body that is the envy of the fitness pros.

Having looked at and participated in many fitness programs, we have never seen one as complete and well presented as this one. It isn’t just the content for your workouts, there are so many extras that give you everything you need.

Ok, so just why has this fitness program exceeded our expectations? Let’s go through just what it is about Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass.

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred review of the producers

Roar Ambition are the brains behind Boss Workouts and Boss Shred.

They have one of the best reputations we have seen across their supplements range with so many people taking to YouTube to give their thoughts and before and after profiles

They also have some awesome endorsements as well with their fat burner Instant Knockout being used by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez who uses it to make weight before a professional fighting bout.

Based in both the UK and the USA they are the sort of company that reviews and amends their ingredient profiles to actually give the customers the best version possible. You can’t put a price on putting the customers first.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: What Is Boss Shred?Boss Workouts boss shred review-phase-2

Boss Shred is your online fitness program to help you burn fat effectively to get the ripped body you desire.

It is a 12-week course that has been carefully designed by industry experts and is the highest quality program we have seen for anyone looking for a pro athlete body.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to tone up or just get into incredible shape, this program really helps you to get rid of fat.

Because hiring a personal trainer for every session is expensive, consider this your chance to get PT quality sessions that are designed to reach the goals you have been dreaming of.

The videos are really of high quality, no dodgy home camera style presenting here. Everything is slick and what you would want from a course of this kind. There is also a diet and nutrition eBook that plans out everything for you.

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: How Does It Work?

The program is split into two phases that specifically target 3 very important areas for fat burning.

First of all the program looks to raise your metabolic rate. Your metabolism needs to be really pushed to new levels to get you burning fat around the clock.

The next is to increase insulin sensitivity. By this we mean it is important that your body is trained to store carbs and burn fat. Not the other way round.

Finally, EPOC, Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This is how your body is trained to need more oxygen post exercise. It will really increase your metabolism for days after.

The first phase of the program is designed to take a couple of weeks and are repeated for maximum benefit. Only every time you do it again, you need to really up the ante with how you approach each session.

The phases both have 4 workouts that will push you to the limit to really burn fat effectively. Not to mention the ton of extras you get that many other courses either rush through or neglect. These are all important for your fat burning benefit.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: Who Is The Trainer?

Boss Workouts Boss Shred Review - Professional Personal Trainer Jason Sani

Your expert trainer is Jason Sani. This guy is at the top of the fitness game in the USA. He has a decade of experience that he brings to each video so consider him your online mentor, instructor, and coach.

Interestingly, he keeps his body fat at 8% so you can trust a guy who has been there and still does it. Practicing what he preaches to ensure you will be burning a ton of fat in 12 weeks.

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: What Is Involved?Boss Workouts Boss Shred Review -hirt-session-A

First of all, the High-Intensity Resistance Training is prevalent. This is one of the most effective ways to rid your body of fat. It is constantly used throughout the program.

This is where you will really increase the effort levels to get great results. This approach is really good for shifting fat that your body is storing.

You will also be doing a lot of full body workouts that go to town on every muscle group. Not too dissimilar from the HIRT approach but the emphasis is on getting EPOC on the rise and therefore your metabolism sky high.

Then you will get a lot of sessions and movements that really tone your body. This is what we’re here for, after all, burn fat and get shredded and completely toned. Here you will be talked through when to squeeze through the exercises to maximize their benefit.

There are also optional extra sessions such as the High-Intensity Interval Training. This is where you will add two extra sessions into each week. Of course, these are time dependent. A busy lifestyle might make it more challenging to add these. If you are motivated you will find the time.

The point here is to build up to these as it is very demanding. Of course, this is what brings results.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: What Else?

Boss Shred – Nutrition

The other important elements start with nutrition. Without this being treated with respect, you won’t get the results you should. It is vital that you don’t neglect this along the way.

Boss Workouts have compiled a detailed but easy to follow the nutrition plan and have even included recipes to help.

For the vegan and vegetarians out there, don’t fret, they have you covered.

Don’t forget to check out your weekly journal. Hold yourself accountable here but also celebrate the wins by seeing just how far you have come.

This is what keeps many people motivated and is a great extra included in this program. All the gym progress and lifts are to be recorded so you can look back week after week to see your awesome results.

This is also where you will write down and monitor calories. We did say this is a complete program after all!

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review: How Easy Is It?Boss Workouts Boss shred review-push day

It couldn’t be simpler really, not only are the videos super simple to understand and follow but they are available for you to watch on the go. So, get to the gym and you can watch them on your mobile’s browser or their smartphone app.

Jason will be leading by example and you will just follow his lead. He will perform each exercise so you can follow form and every intricate detail.

Of course, the lifetime access means you can re-watch, pause etc.

Boss Workouts: Boss Shred Review Conclusion

We loved this program. 

It was super easy to follow and we found it really motivating. The transformation wasn’t just there for us! We have also spoken to various people who have used it and it seems to be a game changer for many.

The cost of what you would pay for all of the personal training, nutrition and knowledge outside of a program like this would be astronomical. Therefore, we found this to be really good value for the small investment that it is.

The fitness model physique is only a few clicks away. If you are really committed to getting into the greatest shape of your life then start now. There is no time like the present.

The 11 videos, 111-page ebook training guide, nutrition guide, recipe ebook and lifetime access makes this a must purchase for anyone who is serious about their body.

90 days is all it takes so if you can picture the best possible body in 3 months, then change your current circumstances now!

Boss Workouts - Boss Shred Review Conclusion

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