Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review

Boss Workouts Boss Lean Mass Review

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Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review

If you aren’t already using a fitness program then you could be missing out on some huge gains that you just can’t get on your own. This is why we have created a Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review to see whether you really can get big and build lean muscle mass with this course.

The fact is, this really is the best program available. It has everything you need in terms of the program itself, as well as value. You just can’t get what they are offering anywhere else and believe us when we say, we’ve seen a lot of them.

So, what is it all about? And why is it so popular, let’s get into it to find out more about your route to mass.

Boss Workouts : Boss Lean Mass Review - build lean muscle mass

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Producer

The people behind this fitness program are Roar Ambition.

They are a company based in the UK and USA and have tons of experience when it comes to the world of fitness.

They are the company behind some of the best supplements in the industry, TestoFuel the excellent testosterone booster and Instant Knockout, the fat burner used by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez.

With so much experience they don’t stop there, they offer a money back guarantee for their supplements and regularly improve the recipe.

It’s time to see just how they have applied all this to their fitness program…

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review: What Is It?Boss Workouts boss lean mass review day-one

Basically, it is your roadmap to a new physique that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Online fitness programs are becoming more and more popular which means there is also a lot of rubbish out there.

That is why Boss Workouts have created this program, to deliver quality.

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass is a series of videos to get you put on some serious muscle without adding fat.

The program lasts 12 weeks and is set into 2 phases. The first phase focuses on strength. This involves really pushing through some explosive reps. Phase 2 is building on the solid foundations of phase one to really grow that all important muscle which focuses on the increased amount of reps to really improve the shape and appearance of everything you have achieved in Phase 1.

The idea is to use all this to completely transform your body. All the videos are high quality and it also includes an e-book to guide you through as well as nutrition and cookbook guides to help.

The whole program is in depth but easy to follow.

The point is to really build add a lot of bulk but also for it to show. By following the plan you not only get bigger but have the appearance of a fitness pro.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review: How Does It Work?

The program helps you to target certain areas, particularly your arms, back and legs, this is where the muscle will be denser and growth will be really noticeable.

Your progress won’t just be slow and steady either, you will be taken through the weights in a way that is effective but also yields serious rewards. It is your guide to lifting more weight so every single session is bringing you closer to the body you want.

The focus really is on lean muscle – no need to go down the typical route of bulk that includes body fat, doing it right to get a sculpted and big physique is what you are getting here.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review: Who Is The Trainer?boss-workouts boss lean mass review - your trainer jason sani

Your fitness goals will be delivered by Jason Sani, the guy has over a decade of experience to bring to your videos.

He is more than just a guy presenting some videos, he has some serious expertise to bring to you. Consider him your fitness instructor/mentor/coach and all things bulking up!

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass: Phase 1

This is where you really focus on your core strength, but not just ‘core strength’ as in abs – we mean your REAL CORE STRENGTH gained from the old school money maker compound exercises. Yes, this is a tough part of any training routine, but it is essential. It helps you to really set yourself up for success for the rest of the program.

Boss Lean Mass has been designed to get you in great shape for Phase 2. This makes it easier to get through. It also helps to protect you from possible injury, which would be a disaster.

You need strength to get through the course, but this needs to be built, focusing on form is a big part of this phase as well.

The focus is on 3 of the most important compound exercises:

  • Bench
  • Deadlift
  • Squat

These lifts are for the people that want a real bodybuilders physique. Those that don’t do them find it difficult to really pack on muscle in the right areas.

Basically by following the routines in Phase 1 and adhering to the guidebook and nutrition. The emphasis is really on explosive power that really builds mass.

By the end of Phase 1 you will be far stronger than you were when you began and you will also notice the size difference already.

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass: Phase 2boss workouts boss lean mass review-phase-2

This is where the volume increases.

Building on your success and increased strength from the first phase, Phase 2 is where you will really increase the reps and intensity.

Muscle hypertrophy is what you will be getting from this, the tearing down and building back up of muscle. Jason has designed a proven approach and you will be talked through every step and why it is important.

The point here is that lower weights and more reps allow you to work different muscle groups. This is the aim, you can’t be rigid and only use the same muscles doing low reps with big weights. This is all about your complete physique.

This phase you will be encouraged to go for tight squeezes to literally squeeze as much out of each rep as you can and get that testosterone flowing.

The motion is all important and the exercises you are talked through will optimize results. The overall attention to detail given here is importantThe science is given to you so you know exactly why you are doing what you are doing. You’re told how it helps your body.

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Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass: Other Features

This is part of why it is so good, the extras…

There is so much help for you in our Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass review. You aren’t just getting a few videos and left to fight for yourself out there. You are getting everything you need to stay disciplined and get results.

You also get an ‘initial power day’ this gets your body ready for the week ahead and is a nice feature that you don’t often get with other programs.

The focus is on heavy weights to really get your testosterone levels and HGH up.

This will also help you to get hold of the right weights for success. You will be encouraged to push yourself to maximum. You’ll also get all the information to help you find out just what your maximum is.

There is also the workout schedule. This helps you to maintain great progress and stay disciplined. It is too easy to stick a day and before you know it your 12-week course has taken you 15 weeks and the results aren’t what they could have been.

There is also advice on when you should take a rest day to optimize results. Giving your body the chance to recover properly is what will really get you ready to go again. The days are laid out for you so you barely have to plan a thing.

Anything Else?

There is also advice on cardio. Involving what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure you get the physique of your dreams.

In terms of nutrition, there is everything you need to know. This is how the professionals live, so essentially you are training to become just like one. This is how you will get completely shredded and put on massive muscle mass. No other workout can give you this. There are even recipes if you need some inspiration.

Stay on top of everything by using the weekly journal review. This gives you the chance to catch up on your progress and it is a great addition to a brilliant program. This is where you will see your progress on paper. Use it to motivate yourself for the next week in the gym.

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review Conclusion

12 weeks is all it takes. After our full Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review we can honestly say, this is why we love it so much.

No other program gives you as much as this and no other program is as slick. Having seen a lot of them we know a thing or two about what makes a good fitness program. For bulking up, this is as good as it gets.

Sure, it’s only 12 weeks and it will fly by. But it will give you some great habits that you can use. Lifetime access also means you can start again at any point or go back to it in the future.

So, to recap everything you get with Boss Lean Mass:

  • 10 videos taking you through the program
  • Extensive training guide (ebook)
  • Nutrition guide and recipe ebook
  • Online tools to calculate nutrition
  • Lifetime access

So enough from us, time to go take a look for yourself, you can access the course anywhere. At any time meaning there is no excuse for you to put off getting the body you always wanted…

Boss Workouts: Boss Lean Mass Review - lean muscle building program

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