Beast Super Test Review – Will It Enable Beast-Mode?


Beast Super Test


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  • Some decent ingredients
  • A couple of good dosages


  • Proprietary blends
  • Potential side effects
  • Some useless ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal
  • Some underdosed ingredients

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Beast Super Test Review

Ever wanted to be a beast? How about Super? Our Beast Super Test Review gives you the chance to at least see if this T booster will turn you into a beast in the gym.

It says all the right things, but then they all do. We’re not fooled by big promises and marketing.

This also means we can be a little hard on some supplements, we’re not here to sugar coat anything or be anyone’s friend, we just want to gives honest reviews.

So what is it we’re looking for today? As our T levels drop year on year from around the age of 30, we need proven ingredients and optimal dosages to get out T on the rise.

A good T booster needs to do the following then:


  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy


Anything less than this will not do. If Beat Super Test wants to make it onto our top recommended testosterone boosters list, it will need to be at its best.

Time to find out who is behind the product.

Beast Super Test Review: Who Makes Beast Super Test?beast-super-test

Beast Sports Nutrition is the company that makes our product today.

They are one of the industry’s biggest brands but does this mean they are the best? History would tell us that this doesn’t really come into it.

Based in the USA, they have been making supplements since 1995 so we are expecting decades of knowledge to be poured into this product to give us a great supplement.

As you would expect they have a huge range of products that include everything from branched chain amino acids to omega and essential fatty acids supplements.

Their team includes people like Brandon Hendrickson IFBB Pro Bodybuilder as well as Steve Gentili – a professional powerlifter. These are some pretty good names to combine with their big status in the industry. Time to see if this all equates into an effective T booster.

Beast Super Test Ingredientsbeast-super-test-ingredients

This is where we can see if we have a good product on our hands.

The problem from the get-go is the fact that they use proprietary blends. This means we don’t get to take a proper look at everything dosage. This makes it hard to tell if an ingredient can be effective or not.

The servings come in the form of a powder so scooping your T instead of capsule form. This is unusual from what we are used to but maybe it will work, it’s all down to the ingredients. The advice is 1 scoop in the morning and one in the evening.

This isn’t ideal as it means your body won’t be topped up all day long.


One of the best ingredients going for your T and one in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

It is important because our bodies cannot create more T without it.

It is also good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone. This communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone. There is also the fact that it is good for ensuring our bodies do not deplete T levels so much during intense workouts.

The 13.5 mg in each scoop totaling 27 mg is a good amount of an effective ingredient.

A good start to this Beast Super Test Review.


Another great ingredient and thankfully, also not in the proprietary blends.

Magnesium is good for ensuring your body is not feeling the effects of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin so much. This means it stops your T from being bound and therefore unusable. Anything that can reverse this is a good idea.

The problem is the 45 mg isn’t going to be enough to really get the benefits.

Vitamin B6

Another estrogen suppressant, this is always a good idea.

We like a product that thinks to include B6 and the battling against SHBG once more works in its favor with us.

The 10 mg is a good serving of an important ingredient.

Now we move onto the ingredients in the proprietary blends.

Puncture Vine

They can’t hide the fact that this is also known as Tribulus Terrestris from us.

We know this ingredient to be ineffective when it comes to T boosting and we really don’t like seeing it.

It was once heralded as a potentially good T booster ingredient but the studies have since been widely unkind to it. Basically, it is a load of rubbish and does nothing for your T.

We have no idea how much space it is wasting due to the fact that it is in one of the proprietary blends.

Tongkat Ali

One of those ingredients that will only help the demographic with super low levels of T. Since this is unlikely to be anyone looking for a boost beyond the norm, this will be of no use to us.

Again, we don’t know what sort of room this is taking up as it is part of a blend.


Depending on who you speak to, this may or may not be a good inclusion.

According to it does nothing for testosterone. However, it is known to help with anxiety and stress. Battling stress can only be a good thing for your T as stress is a killer of testosterone.

It would be nice to know how much we have here!


An ingredient we really like and one you will find in some of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

It is good for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps to boost your libido. Always a good thing for a T booster. It is also good for controlling insulin levels. When your blood sugar is under control you feel less like reaching for a snack to stabilize them.

Still, you need to know how much you’re getting and once again, we do not.


This part of the blend is covered by several versions of the same ingredient.

This might be good for blood flow which in turn is great for enhancing the delivery of your T. This will also benefit your testicular health.

You really do need quite a bit more than the 800 mg for it to benefit your body though.


Found in leafy veg mostly, this is an ingredient that is not without its controversy.

Some studies show it is a useful estrogen suppressant, just the kind of trait we are looking for here. However, there are other studies that show it can actually increase estrogen, the opposite of what we want!

Ideally, we’d like to know how much we’re dealing with but it is part of a proprietary blend.

Japanese Knotweed

An unproven ingredient that we would like to see more backing for before we start telling people about its potential estrogen suppressing capabilities.

Nettle Root

A surprisingly decent inclusion in this Beast Super Test Review. This isn’t a bad inclusion and one you will find in some decent T boosters.

They have included it to help control DHT. This ingredient is more effective when it comes to controlling SHBG really and we would really like to know the dosages so we can say how effective it can be.

Beast Super Test Side Effects

If you do a little digging you will see reports of people experiencing milder side effects such as diarrhea. Without the knowledge that comes with the dosages, you can’t really pinpoint where that comes from.

Still, we, like any other Beast Super Test Review should advises to check the label if you have allergies.

Beast Super Test Review Pros and Cons


  • Some decent ingredients
  • A couple of good dosages


  • Proprietary blends
  • Potential side effects
  • Some useless ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal
  • Some underdosed ingredients

Beast Super Test Review Conclusion

Like we said, a bigger company doesn't always mean better and that's certainly not the case here.

There just aren't enough of the top ingredients we like to see such as Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid. There are some good ones, but only Zinc and Vitamin B6 have dosages that we know are effective.

That's the main problem - the proprietary blends. Nettle is a good ingredient for example, but we don't know if it will work because we don't know the dosage.

There's no need to take a risk with a supplement you don't know everything about as there are some far better supplements on the market that have better ingredient, dosages and are completely safe.

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