Animal Stak Review

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Animal Stak


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Zinc and Vitamin D3 Good Inclusions


  • Proprietary blends
  • Some pointless ingredients
  • Underdosed Vitamin D3
  • 3 Week Cycle

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Animal Stak Review

Here’s our honest Animal Stak review, because when it comes to testosterone boosters, there are far too many macho inspired labels out there. Sure these catch the eye but do many of the product actually being one of the best testosterone boosters?

Not often in our experience.

Today is a chance for Animal Stak to buck this trend, with distinctive packaging the ‘Get Jacked’ slogan on the front is the typical fare we often see, but will it actually help you to reach your goals? That’s what we are here to determine.

It is marketed as though it is an alternative to steroids so they clearly know their target market. They advise that you should cycle this product every 3 weeks which doesn’t always bode well for what we often see in the testosterone booster world.

We are here to find out as much information as we can about this product to advise if it is safe to use, effective and whether it is amongst the better ones that we have seen.

We will also be checking if it can deliver what we would expect from a T booster:

  • An increase in testosterone
  • Enhanced libido
  • Bigger muscle pumps in the gym
  • A decrease in estrogen
  • Let’s get to know the people behind the product

Animal Stak Review: Who Makes This Product?

This product is created by Universal Nutrition, a company that has roots that go way back to the 70’s.

They have an array of products with everything you could imagine from pre-workouts to their own merchandise. Many of their products are up there with the strongest and most potent around, but this isn’t always a good thing and we will cover this in more detail as we go along.

Their website couldn’t be more macho if it tried (and we think they have tried!) and it’s not the simplest to navigate but once you find what you’re looking for it’s not so bad.

They are all about the big weights and this is reflected in their mission statement which talks about how bodybuilding is a way of life.

Animal Stak Ingredients

We had our reservations from the off before we even saw the ingredients because of the serving directions.

The advice is to take once a day, we prefer a testosterone booster to be taken in servings of 3-4 times daily, this gives your body to have its T levels topped up throughout.

The risk is that the benefits will only stay with you for the hour’s post consumption and then wear off.

That was the first issue we had, the second was the fact that they use multiple proprietary blends throughout. This always puts us off a supplement to be honest as we prefer to see the dosages of each ingredient.

Without this knowledge, it is difficult to tell if a product is effective, safe or unsafe.

We will get what we can out of this product.


A great start, for any testosterone booster, zinc is an essential ingredient. Without it, testosterone cannot function.

Zinc is good in that it promotes the luteinizing hormone into action. This communicates with your testes to get them to create and release more testosterone.

On top of this, it is known to reduce prolactin levels – the female sex hormone which can be a killer for your T.

The 30 mg included here is a little on the high side but can be effective.


Better for anyone who has an active lifestyle yet this still has benefits for your T levels if you are not so athletic. It is another great T booster and this one acts by inhibiting the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is a protein that strips your free testosterone of its potency.

Restricting SHBG like Magnesium does allow your testosterone levels to thrive.

Vitamin D3

t boosters, best testosterone ingredients, vitamin d3

This is one of the best T booster ingredients out there and for good reason.

Low levels of D3 are often linked to low testosterone.

It is also great for the big muscle gains everyone wants as well as increasing energy levels.

Our bodies actually create their own D3 but we are often deficient since it is created when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Clearly we aren’t getting enough!

The issue with this, however, is the fact that Vitamin D3 is only effective in doses over 3,000 mg. Animal Stak have only included 1,000 IU so nowhere near enough to be an optimal dosage.

Tribulus Terrestris

Studies have shown this to be effective for the libido – on Rats.

There isn’t enough evidence out there to show it has any effect on the testosterone levels of humans.

Since this is part of the proprietary blend, even if it was a good ingredient we couldn’t tell you how effective it is.


A decent ingredient that is found in many of the top testosterone booster products on the market.

An almost famous libido enhancer this ingredient is also known for raising your T levels by keeping the level of estrogen in your body down.

How much is included here? We have no idea, again it’s hidden behind their proprietary blend – so we also do not know it if is effective in Animal Stak.

Stinging Nettle

A good ingredient in any T booster and this has the studies to back it up. This ingredient stops SHBG which stops your estrogen increasing and allows your testosterone to thrive.

It’s about time that annoying leaf that made you itch like crazy as a kid had its uses.

How much of a use is it in Animal Stak? We have no idea since it is another ingredient that is part of one of the many proprietary blends.


Another ineffective ingredient. It is clearly intended to be used as a libido enhancer but since there is little to no evidence to support this in the modern age. It has to be labeled an ineffective ingredient here.


An ingredient that has caught our eye – for the wrong reasons. This has been known to cause side effects in higher doses and this is where a proprietary blend is such a bad idea. We have no idea if the amount can be regarded as too high in this blend.

It has been proven to cause a gastrointestinal upset which is unpleasant, to say the least. If you think it is worth all of that then it has been shown to enhance your muscle pumps through boosting blood flow. But as this information is a little loose we think it isn’t worth the risk.


Often found in everyday foods such as broccoli and dark leafy greens the intention is clearly based on a few inconclusive studies that point towards this being an estrogen suppression.

Since this is under the ‘shows promise’ banner of being effective, we roll our eyes once again and wish they would just stick to the proven ingredients.


A bit of a return to the better testosterone boosting ingredient in that L-Carnitine is good for energy levels so it will give you a pick me up in the gym.

The problem is it is part of a blend of 500 mg since the effectiveness of this ingredient starts at 500 mg, we doubt it is dosed high enough.

Animal Stak Side Effects

The potential of side effects is always there when a product uses proprietary blends and this is no different.

The fact that it includes Arginine is also a concern as it can cause diarrhea as well as gastrointestinal upset.

With plenty of all natural products on the testosterone booster market. You don’t have to settle for anything which has the potential to cause you harm.

Animal Stak Review Pros and Cons

Animal Stak Review Pros

  • Zinc and Vitamin D3 key ingredients

Animal Stak Review Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Some pointless ingredients
  • Underdosed Vitamin D3
  • 3 Week Cycle

Animal Stak Review Conclusion

Well if you couldn’t tell from our tone at times, this is not a product we would recommend. There are too many ineffective ingredients but worse than that we believe it has the potential to cause unwanted side effects.

Anything with a proprietary blend makes for a challenging review since dosages are so key for finding out whether a product is effective or not.

The fact is, there were some pretty decent ingredients on display with Zinc, Fenugreek and D3 all featuring. But the dosage of Vitamin D3 alone left us scratching our heads here at CLM.

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