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Animal Cuts


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  • Many natural ingredients
  • The diuretic element is one we don't always see in fat burners. Taking away excess water is actually a good thing for weight loss.
  • Company has a lot of experiance


  • Dosages are not available so we have no idea how good the ingredients included will be
  • DMAE is a banned substance in some countries. The side effects can be relatively serious
  • Strong caffeine ingredients, these are good for energy but since the dosages are not included, could spell bad news as well.
  • The cycle means a week off must be included

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Animal Cuts Review

With so many fat burners promising the world, it’s a bit of a jungle out there. Our Animal Cuts review might bring us something different.

Thankfully we are here to make sense of it all and Universal Nutrition released the beast in Animal Cuts and today, we are going to take a look under the label.

If it is as good as the company believes it is then we’re in for an interesting review. We are looking for a few things here but mainly it should do all the basics. For a fat burner this is:

  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Increased fat loss
  • Reduced appetite
  • More energy

Well, unfortunately the first thing we noticed about Animal Cuts is that they do not have any appetite suppressing ingredients. Unfortunate but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Let’s take a look at the people behind this product.

Another unfortunate thing is the fact that they contains some banned and dangerous ingredients. So, before you consider purchasing this, you will want to read our review to have a more informed view.

Animal Cuts Review: Who Makes This Product?

The humans behind this are Universal Nutrition. They have been running since 1977 – so a whole lot of experience is what they have to offer.

Not the easiest company to find out about. Only because their website has some pretty small text and challenging navigation. Once you get around there it has everything you might expect.

They have a hand in many different bodybuilding related products from supplements to protein bars, shakers and more.

Their product range stands out and really is expansive so they are a company that isn’t going anywhere, that’s for sure. Some stores even stock their products so you can imagine the size of the company were dealing with here.

Animal Cuts Ingredients

So, just how good is Animal Cuts? And are the banned nutrients dangerous?

The advice from the company itself is to take two pack of this product over a 3 week period. With a week off at the end.

That’s fine, but one look at the label and you can see it is full of proprietary blends. Leaving the consumer with no idea of what dosages are included. This being the case it is almost impossible to tell just how effective each ingredient is. Since they are all hidden behind one blend of ingredient with the total blend dosage the only thing available.

The ingredients are still laid out for you to see so we can work with that.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Included partially because it contains a minimal amount of water. This is thought to make it a more potent caffeine to include in a supplement.

Often found in energy drinks it is found to speed up your metabolism as well as give you increased energy. It does have some benefits for the fat burners of the world.

However, we have no idea just how much of the 750 mg proprietary blend it is found within is made up of Caffeine Anhydrous. So we can’t say whether it is ineffective, effective or dangerous.


High in caffeine and derived from a nut. This is an ingredient we don’t often see in fat burners. It has a bunch of active compounds which are thought to aid fat los. Tthis is believed to be through a few ways.

It has around twice the amount of caffeine as coffee beans so it is some pretty potent stuff.

One of these is through thermogenesis meaning it will heat your body up inside so your body burns fat to cool down.

It also has potential as an ergogenic acid. This means it might have performance enhancers – we emphasize that this is not fully endorsed yet.

Green Tea Extract

Often found in pore workouts and fat burners alike to counter the caffeine kick that is often found in these supplements. It has a milder, calming caffeine. But just how effective it is here, we are not sure because the dosage isn’t available.

Green Tea Extract is another good thermogenic ingredient and it also stimulates your metabolism.


It works fast and is found in many of the better fat burner supplements on the market. This amino acid is related to thyroid hormones making it a common choice for supplements.

Often found in nootropics it is good for elevating your mood. It is often used as a treatment for depression.

Dandelion Root

Whilst you will be tempted to get this off of your lawn, it has been shown to be a herbal diuretic. Since it has mild laxative effects, it is found in the diuretic complex is a clear sign of its intended use.


Often referred to by it’s full name Dimethylaminoethanol (thank you spell check), another ingredient that is more of a nootropic. It is thought to enhance memory and concentration.

This is probably why it is often used in alzheimers support as it produces more choline. This in turn helps to improve communication between your brain and your body. It is also thought to provide more energy.

We have strong reservations about the inclusion of this ingredient since it is banned in many countries including Canada.

It is banned because it is thought to be responsible for some pretty bad side effects such as high blood pressure and depression.

Hoodia Gordonii

Animal Cuts cites this as the appetite suppressing ingredient. Clearly as it is not believed to offer other benefits for a fat burner.

Having said that there really is minimal evidence to suggest that it even does this and almost all the studies suggest it has no uses in fat loss.

Since there are 40 ingredients to go through, we thought we would grind this to a halt here. There is more than enough to go on from what we have already seen.

Animal Cuts Review Pros and Cons

Animal Cuts Review Pros

  • Despite its flaws, there are many natural ingredients but these are hidden behind the blends
  • The diuretic element is one we don’t always see in fat burners. Taking away excess water is actually a good thing for weight loss.
  • Company has a lot of experience

Animal Cuts Review Cons

  • Dosages are not available so we have no idea how good the ingredients included will be
  • DMAE is a banned substance in some countries. The side effects can be relatively serious
  • Strong caffeine ingredients, these are good for energy but since the dosages are not included, could spell bad news as well.
  • The cycle means a week off must be included
  • Website is difficult to navigate

Animal Cuts Side Effects

This is where we would like to be able to tell you that the all natural and harmless ingredients means this will be a short section.

However with Animal Cuts that is not the case. Unfortunately the inclusion of DMAE alone is enough to put some off due to the headaches and increased blood pressure alone.

Along with this some of the other ingredients have been linked to causing vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea and more. Although we should also note that due to the dosages not being made available, the ingredients that cause these can also be harmless.

The best thing you can do is stick to the recommended amount. Do not exceed it as there is no telling how high the caffeine content is especially.

Unfortunately there is no way of being able to tell due but there is a reason that after the time it has been on the market, it is still available for consumption.

Animal Cuts Review Conclusion

It’s a name that has been around for a while so despite all the disappointment around the lack of dosage information and some of the questionable ingredients, there is a reason people are still buying this product.

If you are adverse to these risks then you won’t mind, but we would strongly recommend a more natural product. To find out about the supplement you should be taking, look at our list of the top 3 fat burners.  This will give you all the information you need on what is the industry best. Here’s a hint – it’s all natural with no known side effects.

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