Alpha Lean-7 Review – Is This Fat Burner Safe?


Alpha Lean 7


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  • Green Tea and Caffeine


  • Proprietary blend
  • Some Potentially dangerous ingredients
  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Suggested serving not ideal

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Alpha Lean-7 Review

Will this 7 be a lucky number or bad news for anyone looking to burn fat? Our Alpha Lean 7 review will help to reveal if this is a worthy addition to our top recommended fat burners list or not.

The skeptic in us rolls our eyes a little when we see the world Alpha and Lean together, most companies go for one buzz word at a time to market their product but, we know that you should never judge a supplement by its cover.

What is it that we’re looking for today from this fat burner? It will have to do everything right to impress and this starts with the following:

  • Burning fat effectively
  • Increase energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Be safe

Anything less and they will have to create Alpha Lean 8 for us to reconsider. Let’s see what this product is made of.

Alpha Lean-7 Review: Who Makes This Fat Burner?alpha-lean-7

The company behind this product are Hard Rock Supplements.

This has nothing to do with the Cafe restaurant but they are difficult to track down.

Their online presence isn’t up there with even the mid-sized supplements companies but their products are sold on enough websites for you to believe they are legit.

Even their logo looks like it was made for free somewhere. They have a decent range of products with some uber macho names such as Super Mandro and Andro The Giant to name a couple.

All in all, we’d like to see a stand-alone website that shows key information such as money back guarantees and endorsements but we will have to make do with the product for this one.

Alpha Lean-7 Ingredientsalpha-lean-7-ingredients

This is usually where we would get to know the product a little better and take an in-depth look.

Unfortunately, they use what is mostly one big proprietary blend, with only the Caffeine staying outside of it.

This means the dosages of almost all the ingredients are not revealed. The problem is that the overall blend dosage is a lowly 467 mg. Most of the best fat burners have single ingredients that are more potent than that!

The suggested serving is also not ideal. 1 capsule twice a day means you are not going to get the fat burning benefits all day long. You want a fat burner you can take 3-4 times a day to be burning fat all the time.

Still, let’s see what the label has in store.


A good start and at least the dosage is sensible.

At 200 mg it’s not the most potent but will certainly give you a boost. This will be most welcome for anyone using a fat burner alongside a diet that requires you to consume fewer calories than usual.

It is also a good metabolism booster which will get your body burning fat even when you are resting.

This is the only ingredient with a dosage so it could be downhill from here.


Well, we thought it might get worse as it goes on but it’s just bad straight away.

If you think the best way of losing weight is by urinating frequently, then this is the ingredient for you! In terms of burning fat, this has no promise. It acts as a diuretic but this is no fix for any excess fat.

We can’t even tell you how effective it is at this anyway as it is part of the proprietary blend of course.


Thought to be a mood enhancer, this is what Alpha Lean 7 market part of the benefit to this fat burner as.

It is thought to support your brain’s memory and this is why it is most commonly found in nootropic supplements.

It could even be useful for improving concentration but in terms of actually elevating mood but according to it is found in products designed to aid the cognitive health in the elderly.

None of this will help you to burn fat unless it helps you to remember to not snack!!

Synephrine HCL

Often referred to as bitter orange this is an ingredient that we always keep an eye out for.

Not for positive reasons though.

This might increase energy and even be a thermogenic ingredient but the dangers outweigh the benefits in our opinion.

It works in a similar way to ephedra which has been banned by the FDA for being linked to heart attacks and strokes. More research is needed to convince that this is a safe ingredient.

Betaine Anhydrous

This is found in beets and is linked to helping the muscle to use oxygen more efficiently. This is a great trait for a pre-workout but the fact that it is included here is a bit strange and shows a lack of knowledge really.

This will aid your gym sessions so maybe by getting more out of them it will help you to shed some fat, but this is more indirect.

Green Tea

A return to the better fat burner ingredient, at least this is one you would find in our top recommended fat burners.

Green Tea works on a couple of key levels which will seriously get you shedding weight. It is a proven thermogenic, this means it warms your body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down.

Green Tea is also good for helping to enhance the fat burning benefits of exercise. Considering our top fat burner Instant Knockout contains 500 mg of Green Tea Extract, and the overall total of the proprietary blend in Alpha Lean 7 is 467 mg, we seriously doubt its potency in this product.

Still, one of the better ingredients we get to see in this Alpha Lean 7 Review.


This is a decent ingredient for a fat burner simply because it uses fatty acids for energy so your body won’t keep it around.

Although this isn’t the most effective fat burning quality, it will still help. How much will it do? We have no idea since it is part of the proprietary blend.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Most likely to help with joint health than anything else it is a strange inclusion once again. More research is needed to prove it’s effectiveness but there is evidence to suggest it can have an anti-oxidant effect.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria

Another ingredient that we don’t like to see really.

Similar to Yohimbine, according to there isn’t a lot known about its potency. This is a concern since Yohimbine is known to have potential side effects.

It is thought to have fat burning potential but we don’t like to act as the lab rat when it is clear that more research is needed.

Alpha Lean-7 Side Effects

Given there is a proprietary blend, we are always cautious when it comes to potential side effects.

Since it has ingredients that are similar to Yohimbine and also Synephrine which mimics the effects of ephedra we feel a bit uneasy about this product in terms of safety. More research is needed to ensure there is no risk of side effects.

Alpha Lean-7 Review Pros and Cons


  • Green Tea and Caffeine


  • Proprietary blend
  • Some Potentially dangerous ingredients
  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Suggested serving not ideal

Alpha Lean-7 Review Conclusion

We would say that the number 7 is definitely not lucky here, you would be lucky to get any fat burning benefits.

There are a couple of decent ingredients, but the potency is most likely to be far too weak to do anything.

The lack of potency might be a good thing though considering a couple of the ingredients in this product. They are less than desirable and in our opinion, staying clear might be the best course of action.

There isn’t a lot known about the company, but there isn’t a lot known about the dosages either. Stick to the facts and get a supplement that keeps things transparent to cover your back.

It does most things wrong really, the suggested serving is not great, the proprietary blend is a nightmare. One thing you should take away from this Alpha Lean 7 Review is that you should stick to a product that contains proven fat burning ingredients and you can’t go wrong.

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  • I took alpha lean 7 and it was awesome. Really worked for me. I sweat a ton, my shirt was soaked during my workout much more than usual. Also i had a great flow of energy, really liked that part. I have taken 3 bottles and so far lost 7lbs. Good stuff for sure. thanks.

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