Ageless Male Max Review

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Ageless Male Max


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  • Some effective ingredients
  • No side effects


  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Still missing some key T boosters
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend

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Ageless Male Max Review

It’s common knowledge that when you reach your 30’s, your testosterone levels decline year on year. This is why our Ageless Male Max review has brought us this product today, it seems to be targeted at men who have reached a certain stage in their life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is exclusive just to that demographic, a testosterone booster, if effective, should give enough of a boost to work for anyone looking to increase their T levels.

This product has not gone for a different approach in any way, they still make all the usual promises and if they deliver then who can argue with that?

Like many of the other products on the market, the effectiveness will help answer the question are testosterone boosters worth it?

Ageless Male Max claims to:

  • Increase T levels
  • Enhances your energy levels
  • Enhance libido
  • Support strength

This is what you would expect from a T booster, but just how much further can Ageless Male Max take this? Only key ingredients at optimal dosages will help it, and if it can stay clear of certain potentially dangerous ingredients then it will have a chance of making our top rated testosterone boosters list.

Let’s take a look at who makes this product.

Ageless Male Max: Who Makes This Product?

Ageless Male Max ReviewThe people behind this testosterone booster are New Vitality. They are one of the well-known supplement brands and have an array of different products on the market.

They do have a money back guarantee but if you look hard enough you can find instances where this hasn’t been upheld so read into that what you will.

Based in Long Island their website seems to have some generic stock photos to promote their brand which is a bit of a shame. They do commit to well-researched products according to their mission statement page. This also says they give accurate and honest labels, hopefully, this means they stay clear of proprietary blends.

Ageless Male Max Review: Ingredients

Ageless Male Max Ingredients ReviewThis is where we can get to know this product a little better and one of the first things we notice is the last ingredient appears to be under a proprietary blend. The name of which is NOXPerform – a trademarked blend made up of countless ingredients!

This means we cannot tell you how effective it is since there must be tiny amounts of each ingredient included in the overall 100 mg dosage of the blend. There are ingredients such as green tea, fenugreek, oregano leaf powder, collards leaf powder, garlic bulb and more!

That’s the strange part out of the way (we hope!) so let’s see what else is in this one.

Vitamin D3

One of the better ingredients for a T booster, we like to see this as often as possible in our job. describes it as an essential Vitamin that our skin synthesizes when exposed to the sun.

This means we produce our own when we get some rays. The problem here is that most people are deficient in it. This means our work-life balance makes it so that we are not spending enough time outside. Also, take into account that there are many countries where there just isn’t enough sunlight to take advantage!

Studies link low levels of D3 to low testosterone so a boost of this is certainly welcome. The problem is, the 1,666 IU included in Ageless Male Max isn’t an optimal dosage so not enough to have the desired effect.

A shame for what is probably the best ingredient in this Ageless Male Max review.


A form of Vitamin B3 that is found in various foods from meat, eggs, fish, beans, green veg and a lot more.

In terms of testosterone boosting capabilities, we cannot find much evidence to support its inclusion in a T booster. Although some do support its ability to promote growth hormone production which can lead to an increase in muscle mass.

Vitamin B6

This is a very effective estrogen suppressant. This is the sort of ingredient you would expect to see in one of the top testosterone boosters.

Because Estrogen blocks your body’s testosterone, less of it frees up room for more T to be produced. It also reduces the effectiveness of the estrogen your body has stored up. The dosage isn’t ideal, in fact. at 1 mg it won’t really have much of an effect, unfortunately.

Ageless Male has the right idea here, just fail to execute it well with the dosage.

Vitamin B12

Most records suggest this has a significant role in the protecting of testes health and sperm production.

It is thought to not actually work directly on your testosterone levels but more help to support sexual health. This could be more important in the demographic where their levels of testosterone are declining.


A proper T booster this is one of the better ingredients you can find in a testosterone supplement.

Because it has a range of benefits you see it among a lot of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

Your body cannot create testosterone without it, so it is vital for your T that Zinc levels are topped up.  It also stops your T levels from declining during your workout, keeping more of it in your body for later. On top of this, it is also good for reducing prolactin levels in the body.

This protects the levels of T in your body.

The 15 mg of Zinc in Ageless Male Max is an optimal dosage.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Often known as a calming ingredient that helps the user to stave off the effects of stress. It is also a good ingredient for a man to take due to the fact that it helps with sperm support. It increases your total sperm count so this comes under the decent ingredients for men over 50 category.

Although this part falls under the ‘may’ category it is believed that it also could have to increase muscle strength. Although this is still believed to be a maybe under further evidence is found.

Nitric Oxide Support

The idea here is to positively affect your testosterone levels and enhance your sleep, mood and sexual health.

Since all the numerous ingredients are bunched into one 100 mg proprietary blend we are not able to really comment on how effective this will be for the user anyway.

Ageless Male Max Side Effects

You shouldn’t be concerned about any of the ingredients in this product. The proprietary blend would usually make us worry. But the low dosage of 100 mg and the ingredients included don’t give us any reason to be alarmed.

Ageless Male Max Review Pros and Cons


  • Some effective ingredients
  • No side effects


  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Still missing some key T boosters
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary blend

Ageless Male Max Review Conclusion

This is a decent T booster and some of the ingredients are found in our top testosterone boosters.

The problem we have is that although Zinc is optimally dosed, most of the other ingredients are not. This makes them ineffective, combine this with the other ingredients which are also out of place and we worry that this won’t be anywhere near as potent as it should be.

There are so many proven testosterone boosters on the market, and some of them like TestoFuel are proven to be effective whilst still 100% natural and safe, making them a better choice.

For the most part, the dosages and ingredients are pretty open. The Nitric Oxide blend is the only exception where the blend of a crazy amount of ingredients left us scratching our heads here at CLM! The main problem we have with this is the fact that they boast about their openness with their ingredients. Apparently, they forgot about that a little with this product!

We can see the idea behind the selection of ingredients. Like we said, the Zinc is optimally dosed and will have an effect, it’s just the rest of this product could do with a bit more.

To wrap up our Ageless Male Max review, in what is already a crowded market, there isn’t room for another ineffective testosterone booster at CLM.

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