Are 6 Pack Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?


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How to get shredded 6 pack abs

Ahh the debate that never seems to get away…

Where is a persons 6 pack made?

In the gym or in the kitchen?

I’m going to be honest with you: both really matter, A LOT!

You can’t just eat well but not put in the effort towards exercising your abs. You also won’t see results when you’re doing 100 sit ups yet can’t say no to eating take out junk every other night!

Your starting point is also a major factor.

If you look down at your abs and they are hidden by your all year round winter coat then you will have to put in some hours sweating out the cardio. As well as eating clean to give yourself a good start.

Let’s look at how what you eat affects your abs…

How to Get 6 Pack Abs: Diet

Yes it all does start at home. So when you are shopping for your weekly groceries you need to consider your goals: If getting a absolutely shredded 6 pack abs is one of them then make sure that whatever you are putting into your body helps you every step of journey.

There is no set abs diet here, because what works for me, my body, my genetics and body type might not work for you. Because a ‘1 size fits all’ approach doesn’t quite work when it comes to getting ripped 6 pack abs.

Instead, we just want to give you a solid guideline to help you to make healthy choices on your journey to enviable washboard abs.

Your 6 pack being visible is dependent on you ensuring that you burn any excess body fat that has been built up.

So it’s essential to understand that any diet high in calories will in build up unwanted body fat.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs: Portions

Portion control is necessary but only works if the controlled potion is made up of a good balance of the right foods. If you have reduced the pizza you were going to eat by a slice or two, you might not see much difference.

So you need a healthy balance of food types in every meal:

Protein for 6 pack abs

Firstly, eat lean meats if you don’t want your body to be putting all the protein to waste and using it for energy stores. These meats are high in protein and lower in fat so will help your abdominal muscles to build as well.

Other lean proteins can be fish or even lean beef. Any meat should be of the highest quality you can get, grass fed and even organic.

Other good proteins include natural yogurt, eggs and salmon.

Getting the right nutrients for 6 pack abs

Make sure you are still giving your body the nutrients it needs, you can’t cut out everything!

An example of some foods that should be in your daily diet are foods that are low in fat with lots of nutrients such as, green leafy veg, fruit, low fat yogurt, lean meats like chicken and fish.

There are also an abundance of good fats that should be consumed as well such as eggs, avocados and nuts.

Eating fibre for 6 pack abs

Fibre is great for when you are looking to get a 6 pack from your diet.

Eating plenty of fibre will fill you up whilst adding less calories. Good fibre foods such as vegetables, salad, dried fruit, brown or wholegrain rice are a good source.

The following two types of fibre are both essential to a healthy diet and help to develop your 6 pack abs:

Insoluble fibre is the type that helps your metabolism and helps your consumed food most through your body faster. This can found in different brans, nuts and whole grain foods.

Soluble fibres are found in fruit and veg, lentils, beans and soy products. Soluble fibres are also good for metabolism and avoiding constipation as well as helping to control blood sugar levels.

Choosing healthy alternatives in your diet for 6 pack abs

If you want to get a better six pack, it is about making healthy alternatives.

Swapping fizzy drinks for water, using the right cooking oils, can you boil steam or grill your foods rather than frying them? Snack on nuts or dried fruit instead of chocolate.

Can you choose to cut down on the alcohol in the bar?

Alcohol is a good way of making sure you never see your abs, restrict it to a certain day of the week and try not to develop bad habits. If you want to enjoy a drink, spirits and natural mixers are lower in calories than beer. Gin & tonic won’t do your waist as much harm as lager.

With all these swaps, you are choosing your 6 pack over the unwanted layer that is stopping it from showing.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs: Choose 6 pack abs

All this is down to you. Unless you have a personal trainer who also cooks your meals (are you being trained by your mother!?) you have a level of responsibility to create your own best diet for abs.

It is mostly made up of cutting out the junk and making better choices for yourself.

As mentioned earlier, the at home abs diet helps. But you still need to put the hours in when at the gym or working out at home.

Make sure you compliment your food choices with good core ab exercises and keep pushing yourself!

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