4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster [The Winner Is Amazing]

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

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4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

Few things get us as excited as a good pre-workout comparison. Todays 4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster review promises to be a good one.

We have two reputable brands battling it out to show us what they can offer. In terms of what we are looking for from a pre-workout, it’s simple stuff really. Still, you’ll be surprised how few products can actually give us what we want.

Something along these lines would be about right:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

If they can’t do this then they have no chance. So, which one is the better option? Let’s start by getting to know them a little first.

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster: Who Makes These Products?

Roar Ambition4 Gauge Pre Workout Supplement

First up we have the UK based team that makes 4 Gauge. They make a string of respected products and we like that they all come with generous money back guarantees.

Roar Ambition also review and amend their ingredient profiles regularly. This means the customer is always getting the most up to date version possible.

They make everything to GMP and FDA approval and ship directly from both the UK and USA.

In terms of endorsements, theirs are impressive. UFC fighter Diego Sanchez puts his name to their fat burner Instant Knockout. Then there is former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson putting his name to their T booster TestoFuel.

VPX Sports NutritionVPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

Here we have the US-based brand behind our second product.

It’s good to start by saying that this product is GMO and gluten-free.

They say that it provides potent brain and body fuel, if this is the case then they are onto a good thing. The company was founded in 1993 by Jack Owoc. He has turned it into a big brand in the industry.

To give you an idea of how big they are, they employ over 167 people. Their products are also found in many stores across the US and are sold around the world.

VPX Sports Nutrition offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their products which is something we always like to see.

It is one of those products that seems to sell well on Amazon. The problem with this is that there are a lot of low-quality products on there so it doesn’t always look good to list next to them. Still, this could still be an excellent product.

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Ingredients

This is where we can really set them apart.

The early signs are good for both as neither use proprietary blends. This means we get to take a proper look at all the dosages and can see what goes into them.

Mutual Ingredients


Up there with the best pre-workout ingredients on the market.

It shows a good knowledge of what should go into these types of products. Citrulline is good for increasing blood flow, which in turn helps to get you the big gains we’re all after. The nitric oxide levels that Citrulline increase means you can really achieve the big pumps as well.

It is derived from watermelons and turns into Arginine in the body. This helps with creatine synthesis, both products today contain Creatine but this is another boost.

The 6 g included in both products is a very big and useful amount.


We mentioned they both go for this product, and this is great news for your muscles.

Both products have started well and Examine.com says that Creatine is often used by athletes to increase power output and lean mass.

A safe and effective ingredient it has the backing of numerous studies. Creatine has been found to help physical and muscular performance by giving you more strength where you need it. It also aids recovery levels.

There’s never a bad time to get the recovery process going, even pre-workout.

There are studies that show how Creatine can benefit the body at any time. One study tells us that supplementing Creatine during arm flexor strength training was found to lead to greater increases in arm flexor muscle strength, upper arm muscle area, and fat-free mass than strength training alone.

The dosage of 5 g is another good one from Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre Workout. The 1 g in 4 Gauge will still be of great use, but VPX has the edge on this one.

Caffeine Anhydrous

About as common an ingredient as you will find in supplements.

It has so many uses which mean you can find it in everything from fat burners to nootropics. For a pre-workout, it is the energy increase that is going to be of great use.

Caffeine has also been found to increase alertness and help the user to focus.

The anhydrous side just means that it is a powdered form that is easily absorbed by the body and works fast.

4 Gauge have included an effective and safe 150 mg which means it should be well tolerated. The 350 mg in VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster is on the high side for our liking.

It might require the user to build up their tolerance. WebMD advise that taking too much can cause nervousness, insomnia, stomach irritation, nausea, increased heart rate, and other side effects.

Individual Ingredients

4 Gauge


A good inclusion here as we all need a sharp mind in the gym.

This Scandinavian herb is also widely associated with being able to raise spirits. The main benefit appears to be the increased focus that will be very welcome for a lot of people as there are so many distractions in the gym.

It will get you in the right shape focus wise and ensure you can get the most out of each session.


Another clever ingredient.

Because pre workouts include stimulants, you find a lot of these type of ingredients to compensate. L-Theanine is a very good one as it has been proven to help the body stay calm.

It helps you to stay in control even when Caffeine is doing its thing. Derived from Green Tea leaves it ensures that Caffeine positive effects last even longer. Examine.com says that it helps promote relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with Caffeine.

The Caffeine content isn’t high when compared to a lot of pre workouts but it is good to know that these ingredients have been included as well. The 200 mg in 4 Gauge is all you need.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Another good ingredient, 4 Gauge is rolling them out right now.

We like L-Carnitine in pre-workouts as it aids your workout whilst increasing fat burning. It can help you to get more out of each session and also get you shredded.

WebMD says that it helps the body to produce energy. Also that it is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Once again, they have included an optimal dosage. At 500 mg. It is a very effective one.

Red Beet

Red Beet is good for enhancing blood flow.

Anything that can increase plasma nitrate levels is going to really boost your workout. This is what will help give you more stamina. A natural, safe and proven way of getting more out of every workout it can help you to reach new heights.

The increased blood flow is also great for muscle pumps. The bigger gains will be easier to achieve because of Red Beet.

The 300 mg dosage is another great one as well.

Coconut Water Powder

There are so many ingredients in 4 Gauge that are going to have you lifting bigger weights, and training harder and for longer.

Coconut Water Powder is great for keeping you hydrated. Since when your body is depleted of what it needs, this can lead to injury, including ingredients like this is a great idea.

Full of electrolytes, it helps maintain fluid levels at a healthy level.

The 300 gm is certainly a sensible inclusion.

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster

Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

A modified starch that is a chemical, it can increase the way your liver, insulin and maybe muscle responds to a meal.

Found in beauty products it may be here to improve the product’s consistency. It has been linked to influencing fatty acid oxidation in a way that can help with endurance.

Sometimes referred to as a fat burning ingredient it doesn’t have strong links to being useful in a pre-workout. Also, a lot of the research out there is conflicted with some finding it to be of little use.

Because there isn’t a lot known about its benefits, the dosage is hard to determine. Either way, the 1,990 mg in VPX Band Pre Workout Master Blaster is taking up a lot of room.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

We get the idea here, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin can help the product as a whole to act faster.

A carbohydrate that won’t reportedly sit in your stomach for as long as other ingredients and can get to the places you want it to faster (i.e your muscles).

Some studies have linked it giving a steady energy boost that will aid endurance levels in the user.

It is basically here to be used in the same way as any other carb would. If you suffer from gastric disorders or you find that pre-workouts often make you flatulent, this might be a useful ingredient according to one study.

It doesn’t seem to be much better than other ingredients used for the same thing. It has certainly been an odd start to their ingredients but it does get better.


Made up of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, they are useful inclusions.


L-Leucine is here to aid muscle development and has been found to influence everything from growing muscles to protein synthesis.

There are many studies backing its uses and Examine.com actually advise that it is the BCAA where most benefit is given to.

It is the most potent of the 3 we will take a look at. L-Leucine can elevate oxygen levels which improves muscle endurance and slows the degradation rate of proteins.

There is a study that showed how supplementing it for 12 weeks provided significantly higher gains in novice trainers. It’s not found in pre-workouts as often as you might think but it certainly has some useful traits.

At 3,000 mg you are getting a big amount.


It is PubChem who advise that this is necessary for hemoglobin formation as well as regulating blood sugar and energy levels.

It mediates glucose intake (into a cell) and breakdown (into energy) to a larger degree than other amino acids.

The same source also says that when taking it pre-workout, it can enhance performance.

With another 3,000 mg, you are getting another large amount.


Studies have shown that a deficiency in this ingredient can lead to a loss of muscle mass.

It can be important to maintain levels of L-Valine and as PubChem says, it maintains mental vigor, muscle coordination, and emotional calm.

What will be of great use is the fact that it can help to repair muscles and even preserve muscle tissue. This stops them from breaking down or becoming damaged from an intense workout.

The amount included is a well balanced 1,500 mg.

Betaine Anhydrous

Another good inclusion.

Derived from beets and an ingredient that can increase protein synthesis. This is going to help with muscle growth as well as strength. 

Betaine Anhydrous has been linked to producing creatine. Since we already have a massive dosage of this and other ingredients that increase levels, this isn’t the most important.

Also found in wine, seafood and cereals WebMD describe it as an ingredient that helps in the metabolism of homocysteine. This is involved in the normal function of many different parts of the body, including blood, bones, eyes, heart, muscles, nerves and the brain.

However, the same source does say that there is insufficient evidence to support it in terms of exercise performance.

The dosage of 2,500 mg is big amount though.


An ingredient we don’t really like to see.

To start with, WebMD described it as a nonessential amino acid that is produced by the body. The potential side effects may be mild compared to a lot of other ingredients but are inconvenient.

This is because Beta-Alanine has been found to cause paresthesia. This might only be a tingling sensation of the skin, but it doesn’t stop it from being inconvenient.

It does pass within a couple of hours.

Another problem with it is that it doesn’t get a lot of support for what companies like to say it can do. Beta-Alanine is mostly believed to be able to fight fatigue, but without a lot of backing, it is hard to get behind it.

It has been shown that anything around 800 mg or more is able to cause paresthesia. The dosage of 2,400 mg is significantly higher so watch out for this.

Creatyl L-Leucine

Claimed to be ‘’Super Creatine’’.

It is believed that Creatyl L-Leucine is able to promote lean muscle mass but it is basically here to make it water soluble but can also promote focus.

Like 4 Gauge have shown, there are much better ingredients for making sure the stimulants in this product are delivered in a safe way, but at least they have recognized the importance of this.

Not the most common ingredient, but this product is a bit of a mixed bag with some good and some bad surprises.

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Side Effects

The easy place to start is with 4 Gauge.

There is nothing in this product that should worry the user and the risk of any side effects is minimal. The Caffeine content is even very sensible making it a useful amount that won’t have any negative effects.

All the dosages are optimal to make sure they will work, without carrying any risks.

The same can almost be said for VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster. They have included a lot of good ingredients but it is the Beta-Alanine that can cause paresthesia. This tingling sensation of the skin does pass but it is something to look out for.

Then there is the 350 mg of Caffeine. This is on the high side when taking all in one go and unless you are used to such amounts, it might be wise to build your tolerance up.

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Pros and Cons

4 Gauge Pros

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced performance when in the gym
  • No side effects
  • Zero artificial sweeteners
  • Low in calories
  • Great taste
  • Made in the USA
  • No energy crash

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Pros

  • Some very good ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Money back guarantee

4 Gauge Cons

  • No choice when it comes to flavors
  • Only available from the manufacturer

VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Cons

  • Beta-Alanine
  • Caffeine content quite high
  • Some filler ingredients

4 Gauge vs VPX Bang Pre Workout Master Blaster Conclusion

Winner: 4 Gauge

4 Gauge Review - best pre-workout - get 1 free bottle

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Whilst both products include some good ingredients, only one product really gave us what we wanted.

No filler, brilliant and effective dosages and all the ingredients you want to see. Everything is naturally making it just that bit more desirable.

Nothing is wasted and when you combine all this with a reputable company, it is no wonder that the internet is full of 4 Gauge before and after profiles.

To give your gains the best chance possible, 4 Gauge is the product you should be looking at. We haven’t seen anything that comes close enough to bettering it yet.

Buy 4 Gauge from www.4gauge.com

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