4 Gauge Review – Explosive Pre Workout Supplement

4 Gauge Review - top recommended pre workout supplement

4 Gauge Pre Workout

$45 / €35 / £25

CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Enhanced performance when in the gym
  • Increased energy levels
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No energy crash
  • No side effects or numbness
  • Low in calories
  • Great taste
  • Made in USA


  • No choice when it comes to flavors
  • Not cheap, but great natural ingredients all effectively dosed
  • Not available in stores

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4 Gauge Review

Our Top Recommended Pre Workout Supplement

This complete 4 Gauge Review covers:

  • Who makes this pre-workout?
  • Ingredients & dosages
  • Testimonials
  • Prices & whether there are any special offers
  • If there are any side effects
  • FAQs and more

Keep reading our 4 Gauge review if you want a pre workout supplement that is safe and gives impressive boosts to your workout without the nasty crashes. 4 Gauge Review of best pre workout

For anyone looking for additional strength and an abundance of energy from a pre workout supplement, 4 Gauge is well worth the investment.

Getting yourself to the gym is the hardest thing you will do all day, with this product, the rest will take care of itself, but let’s look at why this is…

4 Gauge Pre Workout Claims:

  • Power – Roar Ambition say this product gives you explosive power, and that’s exactly how it feels. It’s all in the mind and the extra connectivity between your brain and your body means you can make impressive gains and go through the weight increases.
  • Cognitive Capabilities – Making the most out of your time you will find it easier to concentrate on the task and dedicate yourself to your workout.
  • Stamina – Not only can you workout for longer but your strength really lasts as well. You won’t just be going through the motions later in your workout, you will feel strong and ready to go.
  • Strength – That’s the whole point of a pre workout supplement right? More blood circulating around to your muscles during training means your muscles will get bigger and look better after.

4 Gauge Pre Workout: 100% Natural Ingredients AND No Artificial Sweeteners!

One of the first things that impressed us when starting this 4 Gauge review was that this pre workout uses 100% natural ingredients, so this is a completely natural pre workout supplement with no side effects.

There are no artificial sweeteners which means you keep your body clean and it will thank you for it in the long run.

At CleanLeanMachine we absolutely love the fact that it’s all natural and there are no artificial sweeteners, yet still tastes great. We really struggled to find any other pre workout that can match this!

The 4 Gauge nutrients give you all this:

Nitric oxide levels in the blood – For a more thorough pump the L-Citrulline and other ingredients help to up the intensity levels as well as make you feel great.

Stave off exhaustion – There’s nothing worse than peaking early into your workout. With 4 Gauge you are less likely to have one of those days where you feel like going home after 20 minutes. The Rhodiola Rosea and Creatine will also ensure you feel good after your workout and increase muscle recovery.

Focus – The nutrients give you a real steely edge and it’s not just the caffeine that delivers this, the Acetyl L -Carnitine helps to ward off distractions.

Who Makes 4 Gauge Pre Workout?

Roar Ambition

Roar Ambition are part of the reason any 4 Gauge review will tell you are looking at a great product.

The first thing you should know about them is they only produce 100% natural products, so anytime you use one of their products you can feel safe in the knowledge that there are no nasty surprises.

Their products span across the range of usual workout complementing supplements such as their popular testosterone boosters and fat burners.

Some of the world’s best athletes use these from boxers and MMA fighters like Diego Sanchez and the bodybuilding legend and former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson.

All their products are made in accordance with US and UK regulations and made to be of the highest quality possible.

4 Gauge Pre Workout Ingredients

The most important part of our 4 Gauge review, what does 4 Gauge contain and what does each ingredient do?

4 Gauge Review - Pre Workout Ingredients

Remember that according to their website, you should take 4 Gauge between 20-30 minutes pre workout. To make the most of it take 2 scoops and mix with 300-350ml of water or whatever drink you desire.

L-Citrulline DI-Malate

Many people know this as being sourced from watermelons, but what does this powerful vasodilator do for you and your workout?

Firstly, you will want to know that it helps to improve the quality of your pumps and the appearance and size of your muscles.

The citrulline converts into L-Arginine in your kidneys, this is good because it helps to increase your body’s overall nitric oxide levels. You blood vessels, in turn, dilate making it easier for more blood to flow through your muscles. More of this = bigger muscles.

4 Gauge advise that they have included the whopping optimum amount of 6000 mg of the stuff into each serving

Caffeine & L-Theanine

4-gauge-reviewWhen two products are being described at the same time, it is usually because they are included in the supplement to complement one another, this is exactly what we have found in this 4 Gauge review.

Caffeine is included in most pre workout supplements because of the increase in energy it provides.

But what 4 Gauge cleverly does to smooth out, focus and remove the jittery side effects of caffeine is include L-Theanine.

L-Theanine comes from green tea leaves and is known for providing calm and control. It is necessary to get the best out of your caffeine intake, there is no point in consuming caffeine if all it does it give you a bit of a boost as a lot of the benefits will be burnt quickly.

L-theanine is an amino acid that helps to keep the caffeine focused so your body uses it to its optimum as the effects last for longer, leaving you to feel full of energy but completely in control and focused.

It also stops you from crashing early in a workout.

The 150 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous and the 200 mg of L-Theanine are both optimal amounts.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

A great ingredient for energy metabolism. Acetyl L-Carnitine converts fat into energy which not only gives you a boost in the gym, it helps to shred along the way.

It is an important ingredient in the energy creation area that gets the dosage it deserves in the 500 mg that 4 Gauge includes.


You’ve probably heard of creatine and maybe already take it for muscle gains (well done). But the dosage here in this pre workout is actually to aid focus, reduce fatigue and boost hydration – all important things you need during your workout!

The 1,000 mg is what you need and a good dosage for this purpose. Although, it’s worth noting that you might want an additional Creapure supplement to get you up to 5,000mg per day if you want to maximize the muscle building qualities of Creatine fully. However, since that isn’t why it’s included, we think this small dosage is a great addition to the formula.

Rhodiola Rosea

This herb is originally from Scandinavia and when you discover the benefits, you will realize it is not surprising that it is used by athletes and academics alike.

A hardy herb that will help to keep your spirits high and your mind laser sharp.

Your focus will be complemented by the fact that Rhodiola Rosea keeps your mind in tune with the task at hand. Imagine walking into the gym and your brain is fully set on achieving results and not checking your phone every 2 minutes.

The focus helps you to concentrate on getting results and since it is known for battling depression, your overall mood will benefit. A great ingredient that gets the 100 mg dosage it needs to have an impact.

Red Beet

4-gauge-reviewAnother nutrient that helps to increase blood flow, this is a popular ingredient in many different supplements due to the fact that it increases plasma nitrate in the body. This, in turn, improves your stamina so training for longer is easier.

Your blood flow increase helps with those all-important muscle pumps. You can get the benefit of working harder for longer as well as help with seeing the results after.

You need around 300 mg for this to really work, and that’s exactly what we get here.

Coconut Water

The stuff you often see at the counter of the local organic shop. It’s there for a reason right?

Known as one of the most hydrating things you can drink on the planet. 

So, when it comes to your pre workout, the electrolytes in coconut water are what you will be grateful for.

These electrolytes help to ensure your body stays hydrated. This is important since the increase in stamina from some of the other ingredients means you will train with more intensity throughout.

A very smart inclusion in a pre workout! 300 mg is everything you need and an optimal dosage once again.

Buy 4 Gauge pre workout from: www.4gauge.com

4 Gauge Testimonials

Ricky Costa’s 4 Gauge Review

See more 4 Gauge pre workout testimonials

4 Gauge Side Effects

No Side Effects
The 100% natural and safe ingredients should ensure a safe experience taking 4 Gauge.

As with any supplement, if you have any allergies then check for this.

The caffeine sensitive may want to keep an eye on their overall daily intake. 4 Gauge has 150 mg in which seems low when compared with some other pre workouts. But this should be plenty as the other ingredients really increase blood flow and hydration so you feel the benefit of everything working together and not just a caffeine rush.

Be mindful of when you take it, as caffeine can often keep you awake at night if taken in the evening. I made this mistake when first taking it and came back from an incredible 2 hour climbing session in the evening then needed to go to the gym for another 2 hour breakdancing and weightlifting session! I learned my lesson, so I haven’t experienced any problems when taking earlier in the day.

Buy 4 Gauge pre workout from: www.4gauge.com

4 Gauge Review Pros and Cons

4 Gauge Pros

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced performance when in the gym
  • No side effects or numbing
  • Zero artificial sweeteners
  • Low in calories
  • Great taste
  • Made in USA
  • No energy crash

4 Gauge Cons

  • No choice when it comes to flavors
  • Not cheap, but great natural ingredients all effectively dosed
  • Only available from www.4gauge.com

Buy 4 Gauge pre workout from: www.4gauge.com

4 Gauge FAQs

I Don't Usually Like the Taste of Pre Workout and Protein Powders. Will I Like The Taste of 4 Gauge?

Only you can truly answer that once you have tried it. Personally, I like its tangy sweetness (unlike some that may write a 4 Gauge review, we have tried it for ourselves!). But if you are not a fan of the taste of others then you have to ask yourself what is the most important thing here - the taste or the benefits?

Also, over the last few years the taste of many in the industry have come a long way. So, if it is a matter of you being put off for some time, it might be different now.

Are There Multiple Flavors?

With simplicity in mind, 4 Gauge have stuck to the one recipe - fruit blast. The guys at 4 Gauge themselves say they spent months and months trying different flavors, and the current one proved to be the best.

Should 4 Gauge Be Cycled?

It is recommended that you take 4 Gauge for 6-8 weeks and have a week off. This is also the best strategy to stop your body from getting sensitive to it.

It could be a chance to take a break from it at the same time as taking some downtime from the gym every couple of months to give your body a chance to regroup.

How Long Do the Effects of The Caffeine and L-Theanine Stack Last?

It is different for everyone and elements such as personal tolerance and what you have eaten can make a difference. However, a general rule is around 2-4 hours.

Some say they experience the benefits for even longer!

At What Point Should I Take 4 Gauge Before Working Out?

This is down to you as it is different for everyone. Try anything between 15-45 minutes pre workout and see which time benefits you the most.

Can I Double Scoop 4 Gauge?

Sure, one serving is the same as 2 scoops. What you really have to consider is are you able to tolerate the effects as it is not for everyone?

If so, then go for it.

4 Gauge do say themselves that this pre workout is designed to be safe for anyone who wishes to double scoop. But they advise anyone who does so to try the standard serving first and see how their tolerance is.

Can I Buy 4 Gauge on Amazon?

4 Gauge is only sold directly through their official website: www.4gauge.com

But they do accept Amazon Pay, so you can still quickly and securely checkout with your existing Amazon account.

Can I Buy 4 Gauge in Australia?

Yes! 4 Gauge ship worldwide from both the US and UK to everywhere in the world, including Australia.

How Many Servings In A Bottle of 4 Gauge?

Each bottle or shell provides 20 (double scoop) servings, but depending on your tolerance to stimulants you might make this last twice as long. This is approx. 1 month, but for me each bottle lasted around 2 - 3 months with 3 workouts per week as I usually only needed 1 scoop (half a serving).

How Much Does 4 Gauge Pre Workout Cost?

1 Shell = $45 / €35 / £25

2 Shells =  $90 / €70 / £50 (free US & UK Shipping)

3 Shells + 1 FREE Shell = $135 / €105 / £75 (free US & UK Shipping)

What Forms of Payment Do 4 Gauge Accept?

You can pay securely by card or use your existing Amazon or PayPal account.

You will only be charged once for your order and never rebilled.

Are There Any 4 Gauge Pre Workout Discounts?

4 Gauge is only available directly from www.4gauge.com

And 4 Gauge do not offer discount codes... However, they do offer 1 month supply free when you buy 3 months! So you can save money by buying 4 Gauge in bulk.

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Warning: It's highly addictive and the gym stereotypes are actually pretty hilarious!

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On top of this, you can actually get 1 free bottle by submitting a photo or video testimonial, or even 2 free bottles if you submit both a video and a photo with written testimonial after having bought and used it. So if you try it and like it - it's well worth sending in your testimonial so they can send you some free product to keep you going!

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Buy 4 Gauge pre workout from: www.4gauge.com

4 Gauge Review Conclusion

Top Recommended Pre Workout
This is now the only pre workout I use and recommend to all my friends!

Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then this is a pre workout supplement for everyone. The results were clear from day one for me.

You’ll get exactly what you need out of a pre workout thanks to the carefully selected, quality ingredients. Nothing is included that you wouldn't want to be in there which is really important to us.

It didn't take long before the gains were really noticeable, the extra energy in the gym was definitely present from the first set, you can't help but feel ready to go. It also makes you feel ready to run through a brick wall later in your workout, the pumps still very intense later in the session.

I'll be honest and say, although this isn't the intended use, I even take 4 Gauge instead of drinking coffee. When I know I have a long physical day of work ahead, I'll prepare a water bottle with a couple of scoops and sip it through the day to keep my energy and focus up. This stuff really works!

It is a real unique product in that so many of its kind in the market are often proprietary blends. This is not the case with 4 Gauge, they are open and seemingly proud of the ingredients and quantities.

Even down to the packaging this is a classy product and you can feel the explosiveness from the first few uses. It noticeably helps with muscle pumps and strength, if you have particular goals in this area then great. Although this isn't the core purpose of 4 gauge, it delivers results.

The energy and focus it gives is what sets it apart, I am particularly guilty for sitting on my phone in between sets and taking longer than I need but whilst using 4 Gauge I find that I am more dedicated. All said and done with our 4 Gauge review, it will take some beating if you are looking around for a pre workout supplement.

Buy 4 Gauge Pre Workout from


4 Gauge Pre Workout Supplement



  • David Johnstone

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say thanks for this comprehensive article! I found your review on Google last month and went for it…. woooooo! 4 Gauge has to be the best pre workout I’ve ever tried! Seriously, if anyone is reading this and sitting on the fence, it’s given me all the benefits without the weird tingling and caffeine crash I’ve had from other pres in the past. Well worth the money, trouble is I’ve almost run out now!

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